Other Multiple Instances Of Ai Train Stuck Over Junction After The Update

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    After experiencing an AI train going to Dresden stuck over the crossover to Meißen Branch just before Coswig. Trying to takeover this train, this service is already an hour late.

    And another one in Brighton Mainline where an AI train stuck in Victoria creating a traffic jam as also reported by tcmikaelsouza and samuelbrookes1.

    Today I also experience one in Boston running Northeast Regional #66 (Boston - Depot).
    I have the "green" for movement.

    The stuck AI

    The same AI still stuck even after I have cleared the junction.

    This behaviour possibly creates the same situation in Riesa-Dresden and Brighton-Victoria and has been occuring after the last update.
    This might proves that "something" in the update creates this behaviour.
    DTG Natster TrainSim-Matt
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