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Munich Gate To The Czech Republik: Munich - Landshut

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by madmeister, Aug 4, 2018.

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    Feb 20, 2018
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    Hello guys,
    coming from the east of Bavaria I have traveled the route im proposing many times myself and experiencing the feeling of coming from the rural landscape into the heart of Munich with all its railway viaducts and many different trains from all over eruope I would love to see it in TSW.
    Also I would be very gratefull if you invest the time and read my route suggestion all the way to the end.

    So what is so special at this route that I would like to see it?

    Beeing the southern part of the Munich to Regensburg this 76 km long route is Munich gate to the eastern of Bavaria and the Czech Republik and as such it features many of the most interesting german trains through one of the most beautiful parts of germany: Bavaria.


    The route is electrified and double track throughout and has many stations all along.
    It roughly follows the river Isar and features scenic landscape as well as three major cities: Munich, Freising and Landshut.
    Also a small branchline just south of Freising to the underground station at Munich Airport is part of the line and allows passengers connection to international flights to all over the world.
    There are also two freight yards, one on each end, that allow more relaxing services between them and even shunting as an option.
    Wikipedia Commons, created by Pechristener

    Services and Stock
    Not only can you enter service as a tightly timed commuter service and bring tourists from the heart of the city to the international Airport of Munich, but you can also take control of the international service to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republik and bring the train on its last part of its nearly 6 hour long journey to the Munich Central Station.
    Or if you want something more relaxing why don't you take the regional express train from Munich to Landshut or be part of a freight train crew starting at München Nord, the main freight yard of Munich.

    This are not even all services on the route but to include more would just be unrealistic as even this 4 services feature a great variety in stock.

    The following locomotives will be used:
    -Br 423 S-Bahn Munich
    -Br 183 Taurus freight and services to Prague
    -Br 111 regional express services

    Although a big focus should be on the coaches:
    - old german and ex italian coaches in colors of the Alex
    - czech coaches
    - modern double decker coaches
    - various freight waggons

    Thank you for reading and rating my proposal, I would be happy to hear what you think about this route.

    Down below you will find some shots of various locations on the route and its rolling stock.

    Colorfull ALEX train with Br 183 Taurus and czech coaches on its way to Munich Hbf (www.Bahnbilder.de by Christian Maier)

    Br 423 Munich S-Bahn train at Oberschleißheim (www.Bahnbilder.de by Erhard Pitzius)

    Br 111 with double deck coaches at Munich central station (www.bahn.de)

    One more shot of the old german coaches now used by the alex trains for international services
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