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My First Scenario For Tsw2

Discussion in 'Creation Centre' started by ProfCreeptonius, Aug 23, 2020.

  1. ProfCreeptonius

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    Mar 21, 2018
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    Hi folks,

    here's my first scenario for ya'll. I think this one fits in well after Matt's stream about PZB/LZB, as your PZB skills will be tested on the first half of the Scenario. I left the second half interruption-free for you to enjoy the ride at 250kph. If you trail the red signals close enough you'll get to experience adverse LZB aspects too.

    Here a screenshot for a teaser:

    Yes in fact I did sacrifice my passengers' comfort and allow for a Sifa-Zwangsbremsung just to get you the screenshot.

    I advise you set up as difficult weather as you can bear. This can be done as follows:
    1. Choose your weather under Timetable mode
    2. Go back to Scenario Planner
    3. Launch the Scenario. The weather you selected should be active.
    Installation instructions.
    1. Download the .zip file and unzip the .sav File inside.
    2. Move the .sav file (without renaming it!) to This PC/Documents/My Games/TrainSimWorld2/Saved/SaveGames
    3. Launch it from the Scenario Planner in SFS Köln-Aachen.
    Here is the formal description:
    • Hello driver! You'll be taking this Doppeltraktion ICE3M to Köln today. Unfortunately the regional train in front of you has experienced some difficulties and is running late. Drive cautiously. We've routed you around the train after Düren, so you should have a clear run until Köln.

    1. Pick up Passengers from Aachen
    1,5. Don't get a Zwangsbremsung
    2. Pick up Passengers from Köln

    I'm thrilled to hear your feedback, I hope you like what I made. Enjoy!


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