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My List Of Bugs Found In Tsw Rapid Transport

Discussion in 'Known Issues & Bug Reports' started by Nico_DreamzZ, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Nico_DreamzZ

    Nico_DreamzZ New Member

    Dec 15, 2017
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    Dear developers,

    on Twitter I was asked to write my bugs down here.

    All the bugs are in the new DLC Rapid Transport, on the new route in the new train.

    - The german translation of the PZB buttons in the cabin is completely bullshit.
    • The right button is called "PZB Bestätigen", but it should be named "PZB Wachsam" like it is writter under the switch.
    • The middle button is called "PZB Lösen", which is completely wrong, the right name (like it is writter under it!!!) is "PZB Frei".
    • The left button is called "PZB Überbrücken", same as the other buttons, it should be named "PZB Befehl"

    - Sometimes when you enter the cabin with the extra door or leave the drivers chair you get stuck in the roof
    I cannot reproduce it, i happens random... If you save the game, your stuck position is also saved and i found no way to get out this situation. You have to restart your mission.
    - The switch on the panel on the left side in the cabin called "PZB Störschalter" is also wrong translated in the overlay and he operates wrong
    Why do i turn on the PZB with an switch that should turn off it in the reality? Please for the detail change the default position to "Ein" and when you turn the switch to "Aus" then the PZB gets alive.
    I dont make sense in the used way.
    Same thing with the "Sifa Störschalter"!
    - When you are in the "Fahrplan-Modus" and get into a train with a other driver, you can turn all the switches and buttons.
    This should be blocked, it is possible to take down the pantograph while the driver is driving and the train drives further without energy, this is not possible (or does the train use solar-power?) My suggestion is to block the controls when the player is not driving the train himself.
    I think this needs no picture...
    - The train can drive with open doors...
    Situation to reproduce:
    1. Get into the "Fahrplan-Modus" as passenger
    2. Wait for a train to enter
    3. Enter the train...
    4. Wait until the beeping for the closing door is starting
    5. The open quickly the door on the other side of the train
    Result: The train starts moving with an open door and the door could not be closed anymore later...
    Expected result: The door on the other side is not possible to open in germany, because there is danger to fall in the tracks! And if the doors ar open when the train moves faster then 5 km/h the train gets a emergency break.

    <- Unlisted on youtube!​

    The doors can be opened on both sides :(
    Extremely bad! This is forbidden in germany. This is danger for the passengers. And on the Talend 2 you can chose the sides to be allowed to open!
    - Map is "cheesy"
    I found a hole under the bridge, video follows!
    The Signs with the Kilometers of the track are missing on many places!
    I will add the video later, youtube hates me :D
    This are only a few things i found in the game. For me it would be more fun if my points are fixed..
    Sorry for my bad english :D I hope i translated my stuff correctly.

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  2. Nico_DreamzZ

    Nico_DreamzZ New Member

    Dec 15, 2017
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    the video

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