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    After watching tonight's Q&A stream (11th June) I have the following questions I would like to forward to DTG:

    1) Will DTG apologise to their loyal customers for the shortcomings of TSW? Namely. the lack of an editor, the lack of multiplayer and the lack of steam. All features which were promised at the time of release but have failed to have been implemented into the game 3 years later. TSW was not the "ultimate next generation train simulation experience" it was advertised as and even to this day, TS2020 still beats it in most regards.

    2) Why was the decision made to stop work on the editor? And can you say with confidence that an editor will be available at some point in TSW2.

    3) Why are we still waiting 3 years after release for true 3rd party content? (Not in-house products by Rivet Games)

    Moving on to specific TSW2 questions:

    4) Will shunting be possible with the Scenario Planner, or is it only possible to do Point A to Point B services? Will I be able to do special moves, such as banking or going to the depot?

    5) What lighting improvements have there been? Has the horrible washed out/ foggy look of TSW during sunny days been fixed?

    6) It was said we have to wait for another engine upgrade before Steam is implemented. Is it therefore safe to assume we are looking at at least another 3 years to reach that milestone (assuming 1 year until the release of UE5, 1 year to upgrade the TSW2 engine and 1 year to make the loco).

    7) How long are the new routes? Will it include to complete Bakerloo line and how far out of Koln does it go?

    8) Why is there no improvement in sound? Sound has been one of if not the biggest issue since launch in TSW and it still hasn't been touched in the next iteration?

    9) Will I have to re-buy content again for TSW2? For example: if I own ECW on TSW, will I have to pay for the 377 again in a TSW2 release?

    10) Why should I buy the upcoming Class 20? You have already announced that TSW content will be “preserved” in TSW2 but no updates or attention will be given to them. Why should I buy it if I know any bugs with it at launch will not be fixed?

    Tough questions I know, but DTG need to be honest with us here and we deserve answers.


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