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My Summary

Discussion in 'PlayStation Discussion' started by fabienlimp95, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. fabienlimp95

    fabienlimp95 Member

    Jun 6, 2019
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    So after Playing TSW for a while now and looking forward to the "big update" i want to take this point to tell my experiences.

    Generally i like it a lot, sat hours and hours in front of the PS4. The physics, the sound and the look are great in my mind. But there are BIG Performance issues. Especially in areas with big scenary and/or a lot of trains. For example: Gem√ľnden/Main Station. sometimes i think the FPS drops below 30 or even worse. NTPs Manchester Victoria is an another Example (when i start there and open the map, the game freezes for at leat a minute). On RSN Trains from the other direction appears suddendly and next to your train (they dont spawn in the distance, they spawn right besides you).... There are anyway others, good examples. WSR runs pretty good, without fps drops. LIRR also runs pretty decent. And the "SW1000" Switcher DLC was dissappointing, as it has just one route to drive with the Cab-Car and the switcher jobs arent that fun. (My Opinion)

    I am not an Game developer but i can imagine its quiet some work, so i dont want to hate at this point, neither im angry, but i payd not less for all of this and i would like to see some great performance upgrades almost rather than new routes.

    Altough i think Route expansions would be rather interesting, never understand why they didnt extend the RSN from Letmathe to Iserlohn ( as it isnt realy far off ).

    So what are you thinking about the game in General?

    (Sorry for my really bad english) Have a nice Day !
  2. Canon772

    Canon772 Active Member

    Jul 24, 2018
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    I also like the game a lot and am also looking forward to the "big update" in a few days time.
    However, I can't agree with your comment about trains in the opposite direction in RSN. In my experience, they always spawn in the distance and travel towards you. It seems strange that you are finding something different.
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