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    Using the "NY switcher" scenario, If I shut a running unit down I cannot restart it. happens in original sce as well as from a save.
    One time It apparently started, but there was no engine sound as I was able to operate it and the only sound was the road noise. this may have happened more then once but I didn't realize it had started due to lack of engine sound, I didn't investigate this further as I was pretty much toast after a couple hours of trying different things before I stumbled upon it. I saw it once before when I shut a unit down during a "service" relinquished said service and watched a "silent" ai driving the "shut down" unit
    -sequence of events-
    -board running gp38-2 apply hand brake
    -turn off- engine run/gen field/fuel pump -on the cntrl stand
    -turn isolation switch to start/off/isolate
    -shut engine down
    -shut off all breakers in panel
    Attempt to restart
    -turned on all breakers in panel
    -turned on engine room lt
    -turned on fuel pump/engine run on cntrl stand
    -engine bay - went to prime engine (no primer sound for the most part) the engine turned over-released the primer and the engine turns over with out me putting switch to start position.
    -other attempts to prime - primer gets stuck in endless sound loop not allowing the engine ignition sound
    -primer engine start switch changes direction randomly
    -Saved Game-same thing happens but the shut down units have a "running engine sound" as well as the hand brake in the "applied position" but indicator light showing "release"
    when boarding a unit that's running I can move cuts of cars-drive from fresh pond out to hunts point market or what ever and the sim seems to runs fine. (just don't attempt a cold or should I say a restart)
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    Arent you suppposed to start the engine first before switch isolation switch to run and THEN turn on
    run/gen field/fuel pump -on the cntrl stand?
    Thats how I do and it has worked fine for me so far...

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