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New Features, Tournaments, Species, Work On Lures

Discussion in 'Future Content and Feature Requests' started by vinnies5892, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. vinnies5892

    vinnies5892 New Member

    Nov 24, 2019
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    I was wandering if you could add the hybrid striped bass to the game because they give a great fight and get big too? Also, I noticed a lack of some of the lures not working at all.... I noticed the top waters from all the packs and the other lures dont work. Also, I play the game for the single player aspect and noticed it would be cool to do all day tournaments or maybe add more tournaments for each map with different conditions. I think it would be cool to maybe add a elimination tournament too where you could see other guys fishing like actual pros fishing in the single player mode. Theres also plenty other freshwater species to add too including rock bass, white perch, sturgeon, and lots of other species that would be cool. Maybe even tournaments for crappie or other pan fish would be a nice addition.

    Thank You

    Vincent Ferrante-avid Fishing Sim World Pro Tour angler

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