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Fishing Sim World Newbie

Discussion in 'Xbox One' started by Goldberry44, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. Goldberry44

    Goldberry44 New Member

    Jul 5, 2020
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    Hey everyone!

    Some help would be appreciated. I downloaded this game through xbox gamepass and I think there may be an issue. In the menu I can not find any stats on lures or species. How do I compose a tackle box when I do not know what lure or bait to use for specific fish ?
    Also, I can't seem to strike correctly. The game easily gave me to catches to which I really did not know what I was doing. Now I can't catch anything. I watched the tutorials and I found it to be too vague.

    Any help would be appreciated !

  2. Rookmoves

    Rookmoves New Member

    Jul 7, 2020
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    To some degree you have to have a little knowledge on fishing in general. Most lures or bait used to catch fish are pretty similar to what you would use in real life. In no way am I’m saying you aren’t knowledgeable about fishing, just trying to provide an example of the real life aspect behind the lures and bait.

    The indicator that represents when to either twitch, stop and go, constant slow and constant are very useful. Reeling above “ 2 “ won’t offer much success in my experience, although it may still work.

    The type of pole you use is based on the type of fish you are after. The type of reel you use will determine the speed in reeling, casting distance, tension, smoothness of reeling, etc.

    The type of lures you use is pretty much up to you. Obviously some fish are more attracted to some lures over others, for example, frog lures attract more bass, while topical lures like the pencil lure will attract predatory fish. Bait is also useful for predatory fish as well, like catfish, pike and walleye for example. Carp tend to feed on specific type of baits, tiger Nuts are my favorite.

    The type of hooks you use are also very important. Some hooks will allow you to use live bait while others won’t. Another important aspect to pay attention to are the icons that show up once your hook touches the floor of the lake. You will seed a weed icon ( looks like grass ), gravel ( looks like a pile of rocks ) and silt ( which resembles bread ). Each hook should be used based on location of fishing. *** NOTE*** You don’t want to use a hook meant to be used over gravel in a grassy area.

    The fishing line you use also has it’s importance as well. As you progress through the game, the fish will get bigger, meaning a line with a stronger test will allow you to bring in the big boys.

    The fish radar is also very useful, although this function is only available on the boat. Keep in mind that the radar can be tricky because as you move through the water, fish will be all over the radar. This is because you are moving quickly through the water, resulting in seeing more fish rather than sitting idle.

    As far as tackle boxes are concerned, this will be very handy and necessary if you want to pass the career mode. The reason for setting up tackle boxes for bass, coarse/carp and predator are for easy referencing depending on what stage of fishing you are in. As you become familiar with the lures and baits, you will start to understand what the fish like and don’t. This is where you set up your boxes to accommodate the fishes appetite. Having multiple bass lines isn’t as important as the coarse, carp and predator.

    For coarse and carp fishing, you have the ability to set up three lines in the water at the same time. You have to walk along the banks and wait for the icon to appear that says, “ claim peg “. Having multiple lines in the water increases the chances of catching more fish, even all 3 lines at the same time. You will hear a series of beeping going off once a fish has been hooked.

    You also have bait that you can throw into the water to attract fish to your lines, one is called a spod rod, the other is a casting stick. Both have their uses. Just fill either with your bait of choice and throw it near your lines to attract the fish.
    *** NOTE*** This option is only available while claiming a peg.

    The tension indicator is probably the most important part of fishing. This will determine whether you catch a fish or not!! You will notice these parts on your reel. 1. And indicator numbered from 1-5. This indicator determines the speed in which you reel “ in “. 1 is a slow reel, while 5 is so fast there’s no point in using it. I find 5 is only useful if you cast and in a bad spot and just want to bring your line back in. The other part of your reel is the tension meter. This can range from 0-99. The default number is 25. The higher the tension, the harder it is for the fish to run, but the chances of the fish snapping your line is high. Find the sweet spot and get to catching.

    Hopefully this is more helpful than the tutorial, and you have better luck at catching fish.

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