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Nilgiri Mountain Railway!

Discussion in 'Route Suggestions & Proposals' started by Tharan, Apr 3, 2020.

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    Apr 3, 2020
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    The Nilgiri Mountain Railway is a 1000mm metre gauge railway in Tamil Nadu, India. It is a UNESCO heritage site, and is famously known worldwide due to its rich history and absolutely breathtaking landscape. Back in 1908, The British built this railway line, from the city of metupalliyam to ooty (also known as Udagamandalam),which is 2240 meters above sea level. This tells us that this route has a lot of altitude difference. The route is operated by the Southern Railway and is the only rack railway in India. The railway relies on its fleet of Swiss built steam and ALCO diesel locomotives.

    The total length of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway is 46 km, or 23 miles. I believe this can be achieved by dovetail games, as they have longer routs available, such as rapid transit, or the peninsula corridor for example. However, there are a few disadvantages to this route.

    Since the route has such a diverse landscape, it can add lag. Also, the steam locomotive which has to be utterly detailed, can be a tough task to recreate in a video game with stunning graphics, such as tsw.

    X class steam loco. Currently powered by furnace oil.
    The 20 km (12miles) climb up to Coonoor, which is the 2nd busiest station in the route and the 8th stop from metupalliyam, acts as a point where the steam loco goes back into its shed, and the powerful YDM4 diesel loco takes over for the rest of the route.

    YDM4 diesel loco: this loco runs services from Coonoor to the final stop,Ooty(Udagamandalam). This part of the journey has a higher speed limit, as the line in this section isnt as crooked as the main climb from metupalliyam to Coonoor.

    Here are some videos which you might find useful.

    This is a lovely video made to show what exactly the NMR has to offer

    In this video, we see a cab ride on the YDM4 diesel loco

    If dovetail games add this route to the game, I believe it will attract many new and different types of players. And will fullfil my "Dream" of driving these locomotives in the comfort of my own sofa.

    Thank you! Have a wonderful day!
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