Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line: Reading-harrisburg Route

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by mconner535, Nov 19, 2021.

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    Here's another Norfolk Southern route yet to be created for Train Sim World 2. It would run from Reading to Harrisburg. The route is over 54 miles. It would be set in the 2000's-present day. The NS rolling stock would include Gensets, ET44AC's, ES44DC's, SD70ACE's, SD60M's, SD70M's, GP38-2's (both high hood and low hood), SD40-2's (both high hood and low hood), C44-9W's, SD60E's, GP40-2's, AC44C6M's, C39-8's, C36-7's, SD40's, SD45's, SD45-2's, SD50's, C40-8's, C40-8W's, C40-9W's, C40-9's, ES44AC's, SD70M-2's, MP15's, GP40X's, GP50's, GP60's, SD70ACU's, SD80MAC's, SD70ACC's, SD70M's, SD80ACU's, SD70ACE-T4's, GP39ECO's, AC4400CW's, GP40-2's, GP50's (both high hood and low hood), C39-8E's, SD60I's, MP15DC's, MP15E's, and B36-7's with the same freight equipment like Train Simulator has.
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    You know that’s not a bad idea. I for one would love to see the tier 4 version of the ES44AC that we will be seeing with horseshoe curve. Not to mention that the C40-9 would be very interesting considering that all of them have been rebuilt by now.

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