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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by hibiki, Mar 12, 2021.

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    I thought it would be a good idea to mention these whilst there is no mention of stuff being done on the Road Map. These are mainly things which I think would help the route look a bit more authentic.

    1: Manchester Victoria. Now I don't fully remember about a bridge to get to the outer platforms, but I know I used a subway. In fact I know we used to dash up the ramp to get the Blackburn train on a number of times. So if the subway could be put in that would make it more authentic.

    Also I am not sure if it is possible, with copyright and all that. But if you could add the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway map on the wall. This in my mind is one of the most noticable things you see at the station

    2: The Class 101s
    These already look good. But the thing that is a lot of the units in the 80s would have a 1st class section, although they may of been declassified, they were a little different that the rest of the train. I remember when the Network South East Units (L835/841) ran around Manchester. These still had the 1st class section.

    3: Station lighting.
    This is something that has always seemed off to me. I remember growing up in the 80s/90s Most of the stations around Lancashire and Greater Manchester used to have lights, as shown in the photos below.
    158773.jpg *Photos taken at Church and Oswaldtwistle 1997

    I have been checking on Flickr and the same stations lights are used at Manchester Victoria, Miles Platting, Ashton-U-Lyne, Stalybridge, Mossley, Greenfield. So maybe having a more white colour for the lights would make it better. As for the ones in Yorkshire they seemed to use the more modern lighting. I couldn't find anything about Park.
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    4. The Mk 2 coaches are festooned with No Smoking signs. This was not a thing in the 70s!
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    Id also like to mention a Specific glitch with gangways on the MK1/2s if you were to decouple a car from a MK1 or 2 formation and put it on another the gangway sorta just stretches to the original formation it came from idk if this happens on other coaches that have gangways
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    In terms of lighting, all the major cities on the route are pitch black at night. They should be glowing with ambient lighting from the various office blocks, factories and housing not to mention the street lighting.

    The other big fix NTP still needs is to sort compatibility with the scenario editor, so we can go Off The Rails with the 31, 52 etc.

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