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Oakville Sub Cn

Discussion in 'Xbox Discussion' started by joshjjlawn, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. joshjjlawn

    joshjjlawn New Member

    Apr 5, 2020
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    I'm getting a handle on the Oakville Sub route, and understanding the limits of where I can go.
    So far my favorite senario is (I think that's the name) Hamilton explorer. I like it because I'm not set to a script. I can change up locomotive consistent, pick up and spot cars which is what I look for in a train simulator (game).
    The graphics are nice on Xbox one and the geeps are really fun to operate.
    I don't really have any complaints, other than the bugs.
    I think they should update the route, by opening the entire route, add maybe a SW1500 (not sure if CN had sw1500) and SD40-2, and add some standard rolling stock, like 50 and 60 foot box cars, 60' high cubes, 60' flat car and gondolas.
    I'd be willing to buy a content pack of it included the above locomotives and freight cars, opened the entire route, and gave us the ability to run open ended senarios.

    Other than these few things it's a great route with lots of potential.
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  2. deans.ma

    deans.ma Member

    Mar 16, 2020
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    I'm not spending another cent on that route until DTG rolls out a patch for all of the bugs in there.

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  3. BLRy

    BLRy Member

    Mar 14, 2020
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    Traditionally I believe they may have had a few in some of their subsidiary lines liveries, but not as an actual Canadian CN painted & operated locomotive. If this is incorrect I would be willing to be educated. However, the SW1200RS would be an awesome addition and still fits the SW category with uniquely Canadian flare. ;-)

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