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October Global League

Discussion in 'PC' started by DTG Darren N, Sep 30, 2016.

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    Jun 14, 2016
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    Summer is over, the nights are getting longer and there is a chill in the air when you first wake up - it must mean it's October and a great time to get involved with the Euro Fishing Global Leagues! The rules are the same as ever but there are important changes to the points system which are shown below. We would like to stress to you all the following;

    1.Regardless of what settings you have chosen, the leaderboard in game will be set to metric and display your score in kilograms.

    2. Please be consistent with your character / user name to ensure that you are picking up maximum points. Matt and Matthew may be the same person but will be registered as two different! Try to use something unique (but not offensive) to ensure you pick up the correct points each time.

    This weekends tournament kicks off the October Global League and takes place on Presa Del Monte Bravo where you will have 4 x 60 minute opportunities to catch as many (the weight is irrelevant) Mirror and Leather Carp only.

    To remind you all how the league works;
    •Each week we will be hosting 6 tournaments (one per week day plus one for the weekend)

    •Winning (or ranking well) in a tournament gives you League points (see appendix below)

    •Players accumulate League Points over the course of each month.

    •League rankings will be published and updated in this thread.

    •At the end of each month the Top 10 players get a t-shirt for the Dovetail game of their choice (Euro Fishing, FSX:SE or Train simulator 16).
    How to join our daily or weekend tournaments:
    1.Launch Euro Fishing

    2.Once in the main menu, click on “Live Tournament” (bottom left tile)

    3.Click on the proposed tournament of your choice. Win conditions will be listed in the tournament description.
    League Points (LP) awarded per tournament:

    1st - 30 points

    2nd - 25 points

    3rd - 23 points

    4th - 22 points

    5th - 21 points

    6th - 20 points

    7th - 19 points

    8th - 18 points

    9th - 17 points

    10th - 16 points

    down to 25th getting 1 point.

    Daily tournaments start each weekly at 08:00 BST. Weekend tournaments start each Friday at 16:00 BST.

    Good luck guys!

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