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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DenkerOfficial, Mar 21, 2020.

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    Mar 12, 2020
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    I'll love to se a Onboard Train Guard feature in TSW! I guess, it would be implemented on the EAST COASTWAY route! I mean, as a guard, you see the timetable of the train! At a station, you open the doors, and provide a safe boarding! Also, that you have to check tickets would be nice! Aannndd... Don't forget about the buzzer, to signal the driver, that it's save to depart!
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    Oct 6, 2019
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    On the Class 377s, I’m pretty sure that it is the driver who releases the doors not the guard (or conductor as Southern call it). In fact majority of multiple units that even still have a guard including the trains that I drive, driver always opens the doors. The main exceptions would be South Western Railway, Northern, London North Western, ScotRail and GWR in the Western region but even then the company and the union are in dispute over who releases the doors in the new stock. Of course, on locomotive and HSTs the guard does everything but they are being phased out.

    This feature does get suggested semi-regularly and the general consensus is this is not a feature a lot of people will use or care about and is too much of a niche within a niche. People would rather see more routes, traction and other more key features.

    My personal opinion is that I would like to see an automated guard. So no ‘guard mode’ as such where you can play the guard role. By automated guard, I mean the doors will close automatically and the 2 on the bell/buzzer will automatically come through to the cab. And also I’d like to see automated ‘CD’ and ‘RA’ indicators at the appropriate stations such as London Paddington for Empty Coaching Stock (ECS) or Driver Only Operation (DOO) services.
    On the turbos for the branch lines with a guard such as Reading to Basingstoke, the guard gives ‘2-1’ on the bell buzzer to tell the driver when to close the doors. And then ‘2’ on the bell buzzer for the right away. Same for Class 22x so that would be cool to have an automated bell buzzer.

    In simple terms, I want to see a guard feature which positively affects the driving experience (I.e. bell buzzer, dispatch, etc...) but not really bothered about the other stuff such as revenue/helping customers not that I know how that would even work.
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    I agree and they should develop an ai conductor or guard. They should make it be a another person and can to all the tasks that a conductor does. He should have the ability to walk through the train cars and chat with the engineer.
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