Bassmaster 2022 Online Tournament Information

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    For core game venues (Lake Hamilton, Chickamauga Lake, Toldeo Bend, St. Lawrence River, Lake Ray Roberts, Guntersville, and Sabine River) all players who take part will be eligible for 3 attempts per round.

    For DLC venues such as Lake Hartwell and Lake Seminole & Jordan Lake, if you do not own the venue you can still take part and will have 1 attempt per round to post the highest total weight possible.

    Each attempt gives you 60 minutes out on the water, so use that time wisely! Your attempt will end when the timer hits 0:00 (You do not need to return to the starting dock to complete your attempt). If you need to/want to you can suspend your attempt and return to it later via the pause menu. Hit “Submit”, then “Pause Attempt”. Just make sure you complete your attempts before the round ends. The winner will be the player who has the highest total weight over the 3 rounds.
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