Pacific Surfliner L.a To San Luis Obispo

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    May 27, 2021
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    As Everyone knows the the most made route is the Pacific Surfliner to San Diego but the Northern line from LA to San Luis Obispo is just as Scenic but is very often overlooked. Only one creator has successfully built the line from L.A to San Luis Obispo Jeff Farqar built the route in Microsoft Train Simulator also known as Surfliner 2 on but I personally think that the route could be very popular.
    Here are a Few Benefits to the route that would be awesome

    1.This line features approximately 230 miles of track Allowing people to run SP, UP Trains Metrolink Amtrak trains such as The Coast Starlight 11 and 14 and Pacific Surfliner trains

    2. New Rolling stock such as SC-44's and Rolling Stock new Cabbage Cars

    here is a preview of what the route could look like

    Here is the MSTS Version
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    Support ! The P.S. should make the complete route. Now just have a half route, it is the time to make the other half. Maybe it should be an expansion pack to extend the existing route.
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    That's quite a bit, even by TS Classic standards.

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