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Passenger Numbers & A Dynamic World

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Drawyah, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Drawyah

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    May 20, 2017
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    Morning guys,

    I'm generally a fan of Train Sim World and do enjoy what this simulator has to offer, but there is one thing that I personally would like to throw in and possibly have a developer respond to, and that is the dynamic sounds that make this game feel a little...dead sometimes.

    How do sounds work in Train Sim World, I'll assume it's not massive boxes with ambience as it was in TSXX? But how difficult would it be to have something like that, with a five-minute loop at each station, make the game sound alive?

    You don't even need to go to America, just go to a busy station and a not so busy station, use them accordingly. The game does sometimes feel a little dead, a few sound loops here and there would definitely bring things alive.

    One more thing. I'm sure you guys have played World of Subways v3, could we maybe get a slider that controls the number of passengers at each station, as well as AI cars and whatnot? That way depending on your system, the player can manually change the world depending on their specs. Something I'd say TML Studios have perfected, the ability to tweak stuff like that. Fair enough you cannot detail trains down to licencing issues as we've all deduced, but there are a number of other things that can be tweaked.
    And a failsafe for those that want everything maxed and complain about lag? The screen turns red and warns the user that too many passengers will slow things down.
    In my opinion, the perfect way to implement that sort of system. Fair enough you cannot exactly copy a rival studio down to plagiarism, but I'm sure you can have some code in the background that looks at the slider and give a passenger say, a 25% chance of appearing or a 75% chance of appearing, dynamic to whatever that slider is set to.

    Just my two pence worth, I'm still planning to use this simulator for the remainder of its supported life. The game is still very early in development and I remember back in the Beta that they asked for community opinions? This is what I'd like to throw in. :)
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