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    This is a small wishlist of mine of what the preservation crew should also take a look at when they start working on Peninsula Corridor.
    - add passenger level crossing at stations (e.g. Menlo Park)
    - add train destination boards at stations
    - add Guard door controls to Bi-Level Cars (working on Gallery Cars)
    - add / rework safety systems on the MP15DC
    - sync level-crossing lights with the horn on Gallery car and F40PH-2
    - move trees outside of the track (1 mile south of Milbrea)
    - fix NPC rear lights (the rear end is either dark or headlights on bright, rather than red signal lights)
    - fix HUD throttle indicator on MP36PH-3C (always shows a red frame)
    - fix Bi-Level Cars clipping into platform (San Jose)
    - edit horn sounds (horn engages in two stages -> Example)
    - fix MP15DC NPC / exterior sounds
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