PC Peninsula Corridor Problems That Need To Be Fixed

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    Fixes that need to happen:
    1. The F40PH and MP36 accelerate way too quickly from zero speed. This is how they accelerate in real life:
    2. The F40 Headlights need to be brighter and have a stronger yellow glow like in real life. They did a better job on the Nippon Sharyo cab car headlights.
    3. The ditch lights need to be fixed on the F40. You can barely see them flashing.
    4. The bearings on the outside of some of the wheels don't move on the f40ph. They are stuck in place. They did a good job with the Nippon Sharyo Gallery cars.
    5. The bell is too loud in the cab of the F40. I think dovetail is aware of that problem.
    6. The Signals change way too late when you pass them.

    Minor problems I can deal with but would like to see fixed:
    1. Better exhaust effects/Engine sounds(F40PH specifically)
    2. They did a decent job with sounds like the door warning, bells, and brake sounds but the horns could be better. Although they are not terrible.
    3. Cars waiting at crossing gates
    4. Tamien station. Caltrain uses this station frequently and would be cool if they add it. It's only a couple-mile extension.
    5. I feel the brakes are a touch too effective with minimal brake application. Specifically on the Nippon Shayro gallery Car.
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    Unless any of those are included in the current batch of preserved updates for the route it’s unlikely they’ll get done now
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