Petition For More Live Competition/challenge Streams

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cyrill.kroonstuiver, May 13, 2021.

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    Aug 21, 2020
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    So about a month ago, there was a stream done in which 4 DTG members competed for the highest score on Peninsula Corridor, and although their attempts were pre-recorded, the viewers of that stream were invited to join and try as well.

    Of course the other kinds of streams are important too, roadmap streams, route preview streams and professor Matt's education streams.
    But this specific kind of stream, where the viewers/players were invited to join and compete as well by themselves was one of the most fun streams I remember. Both because simply it's fun to try and beat the dev's, and this is one of the few kinds of games where that's actually possible without multiplayer. But also because it feels interactive, and it helps learning routes better, and in some cases, if you're not that familiar with the route and train not being the only one to fail (sorry JD).
    They're a great relaxed way to interact with the community in the game itself without being a talking head in front of gameplay and it makes it easier for players to try the more challenging and longer services too.

    I'd love to see more of these, and perhaps when they're planning on doing one of these they could open up a poll with some proposed routes and services, although they should be careful not to use loco DLC's too much as it's less likely people own those, and to cycle properly between countries and kinds of services, so now that they did an American one, next one should be British or German, perhaps MSB freight.
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    I did suggest them doing a freight challenge ie making up.ya own train as quick as u can then run to the end of of line
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    I agree, these kinds of streams are very fun to watch and I really enjoy them. They should do another one, and even if I can’t join them I’m always watching these streams. I would also suggest them do a freight run since the last one was a passenger run, maybe with a class 66 in GWE running behind a 166 the whole time (would make for a challenging run and many reds), or like you said a freight run on MSB, on a service that has you following a passenger train.

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