PC Pis Odd Behaviour On Ice 3 (403)

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by xavpin234, Oct 23, 2020.

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    Not sure if that is a bug or simply was forgotten when the new DLC was built, but the PIS on the 403 ICE seems to lack some features compared to the ICE 3M (406) such as : will not show the ICE train Numbers for example ICE 579 will not be shown whereas it is shown on the 3M , destination the train is calling at are not shown on trains exiting munich but will be shown for trains going into munich altough only the destination within the line will be shown also PIS will not scroll
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  2. It is actually completely broken. On every service towards Munich, if You choose the Munich HBF option, it kind of works, but if you choose the same option on services to Ausburg, it displays the correct train number but says that the train goes from Wiesbaden to Berlin HBF calling at some actual stations and then the display screen goes: "---------------------------------------". It's really wierd that it depends on the service you are driving and I hope it's fixed soon
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    And setting the display set to München will make it appear the train is stopping at München Pasing even on services where it’s not.

    They should of done the feature with the MSB trains where you can set the destination board so it automatically aligns with that specific service
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