Please Fix These To Make Sim Worth Of Playing:

Discussion in 'TSW General Discussion' started by focalpro1, Dec 8, 2022.

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    Nov 11, 2020
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    - Lack of passengers. It feel and looks stupid when Middlesbrough station has 5 passengers at 15.00 PM ans I drive basicly empty train.
    - Train lights shines thru the roof.
    - Street/ station lights lights don't come on. So If i start schedule at dusk, I drive in darkness at end of the schedule. If these's no light at start there's not gonna be light never.
    - Obeying on whistle signs don't affect action points. It doesn't matter do I whistle or not. Same as Braking smoothnes on stations.

    - Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel - Würzburg Route is unplayable on PS4 due the stuttering. FPS is way too low.
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    May 20, 2020
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    - As to passenger quantities, yes it is an issue on the sim from a long time.
    You have all kind of "bad behavior" situations about the passengers.
    From starting a timetable run, and you opens the doors, and lot of passenger left the train, and no one get it, to other strange cases, like almost no passenger aboard on suburban trains, etc!

    - Regarding lights, it is a mix of situations. Some routes are OK, others are not good.

    - As to extra points about whistle is a good idea, but do not know if it is possible to implement to DTG. But there is an important issue about it (*)

    - As to the new TSW3 german route, pleas notice I have standard PS4, and have not problem about stuttering at all. May be sometimes just some few ones, when crossing another train. But it general it is Ok.
    The main problem about it, is the high speed route on SEHS! That one it has lot of them.

    (*) It also depends of the country you are running the train.
    For example:
    In Germany they do not usually sounds the whistle of the locomotive.
    Other European countries only do it on some specific situations.

    But on the contrary in the USA you have to use the "horn" a lot! -in this case- 4 times ( 2 long / 1 short / 1 long until the crossing ) on each level crossing.
    Passenger service also use to take the horn when approaching the station, and just before the train will depart.

    Then you will get lot of actions points for those US routes, but almost no ones on european countries.

    So it would not be fair.
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    The passenger system is broken on some routes, NTP also has next to no passengers at stations and its been like it for almost a year now. Even busy stations (Leeds, Huddersfield and Manchester) have no passengers. The passengers not boarding trains is frustrating as is London Commuter when everyone gets off at Gatwick and you're then driving an empty train to the destination.
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  4. rennekton#1349

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    Jun 5, 2022
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    The lights are dependent on the time of day rather than based on the lighting of the environment. Dtg have been looking at making it a lighting of the environment system instead of a specific set time of day.

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