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Please Fix Your Dlc Policy.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Supersotamies, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Supersotamies

    Supersotamies New Member

    Mar 26, 2018
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    just think about it. nobody wants to pay over 5000e to drive all trains
  2. CodeCreatures

    CodeCreatures New Member

    Mar 26, 2018
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    I agree, but it wouldn't be fair to all the people that have paid money to get the trains.
  3. Kalypso

    Kalypso New Member

    Jan 17, 2018
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    This game is not designed to own all Content.
    It is designed so many People from all around the world can make their favourite Collection.
    You can have a Steam, Diesel or Electric only Collection or a mix of all eras or just how you like it.
    I have both Austrian routes, all additional Content for it, Extended Mittenwaldbahn with the Scenario Pack and the required Trains for 20€ this March sale, but I bought the ÖBB 4010 straight on the release day.
    I have also 1 german route for high Speed ICE driving, 2 british and 2 US routes.
    I have enough with UP Sherman Hill and San Francisco - San Jose, both are operated by UP and I can use the UP locomotives from Sherman Hill also in California, of Course american railroaders see more difference and know more Details so they extend their Collection otherwise then me.
    I will only purchase new austrian routes, because it is fun to know the routes you drive, I can handle 3-4 Routes to know where Signals are located at and can drive without the HUD, if I would have all routes, no Chance, I would get frustrated by not knowing the tracks.
    This is not a Middle Earth game or Skyrim where DLCs are required to Play all Content, you get all Content in the TS 2018 package and a 50-60 hour playtime just by the 3 routes included.
    When you finished them you can think about how to extend your Collection.
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  4. LastTrainToClarksville

    LastTrainToClarksville Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2017
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    Isn't that like refusing to go to a restaurant because you don't want to eat everything on the menu?
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  5. gazz292

    gazz292 New Member

    Jun 15, 2018
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    The resteraunt example is perfect.

    My interest is German railways, so i only play on the German route with the German loco's,
    i have a few of the english routes that came with the base simulator, but i never bother with them,

    i guess someone might want to experiance every railway system in the world.. but they wont have to buy all DLC to do that... just one of each countries... then learn the different signaling systems and that.

    it's a train driving game, not pokemon go.
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  6. Broomwagon

    Broomwagon Member

    Jan 29, 2018
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    Nothing wrong whatsoever with DTG's policy.....nobody would want to own every piece of DLC (and don't forget you can probably multiple it by a factor of three because you'll want the 3rd party stuff too): you'd not have a computer with enough memory to hold it, or the number of lifetimes you'd need to play it. DTG having brought out dlc, over the considerable time TS has been going and continuing to do so, is great, you just get what interests you. It gives you choice: I'll snap up Victory Work's UK steam but have no interest in ever getting USA modern for example......and if I have to pay a few quid for it, I have no issue with that, if it helps DTG keep producing DLC that I want......good for them.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
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  7. LeadCatcher

    LeadCatcher Well-Known Member

    Dec 9, 2016
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    As has been pointed out very eloquently by many, there is nothing wrong with the DLC policy for TS2018. What needs to change is the thought that you must own everything for a game to be complete.

    First off, this a simulation and as Kalypso and Broomwagon has stated, you pick and choose what interests you. Now if for some reason, your goal is to drive every train and run every route that is produced for the TS201X engine, well you better have many years of free time set aside since the DLC available through Steam and the DTG Store is no where near the "complete" collection. But if that is your goal, then yes - you will have to pay the price for the DLC.

    I have spent way more than I want to admit on my train simulation hobby, but have well over 4500 hours of entertainment over the last 6 or so years, spending much less than I do on my other hobbies of raising horses and breeding dogs. So for me, the expenditure has been well worth it for my entertainment value.

    So just think about it -- nobody would be should be so naive to think you have to spend 5000e unless your goal is to own all DLC -- then the question arises WHY would one want to own all the DLC.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
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  8. Michael Newbury

    Michael Newbury Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2016
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    I am with LeadCatcher I myself have spent more than I can remember as well, although my hours played do not compare to his still have put in more the 400 hours into the game.

    DTG does not expect you to click on the button to buy all DLC, they expect you only to download the content that interests you.

    So there is nothing wrong with DLC for TS2018.
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  9. gazz292

    gazz292 New Member

    Jun 15, 2018
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    Has anyone ever looked at the flight sim market?

    There a single simulated aeroplane can cost over a hundred pounds (mind, every single switch, control, plus every light/gauge/indicator/control surface etc has been modeled and works just as in the real one... even the light to say the bog is blocked.. prolly never gets turned on, but it's present and modeled working as it's there in the real thing.

    As you fly over so much of the world you get a basic world map with the base sim.... it's pretty easy to model the air you fly through... tho turbulence, weather conditions and so on are modeled.
    You then pay to download detailed scenery in the parts of the world you are interested in... i.e. if you fly your plane from east midlands airport to Dueseldorf airport regularly, you buy the detailed scenery for the 2 airports, maybe a couple of airports on the route to make emergency landings at, and the detailed scenery around the airports, maybe a bit on the route you fly over if you feel like buzzing a town on your way over,

    A friend bought the ultra detailed scenery for whe area he lived, and would fly a simulated helicopter to his house and look for discrepancies in the modeling... then send off bug report tickets :o

    But you have no need to have the detailed scenery for say any american airports or land, as you'll never fly over there to see it... that's the same as having the us and english routes and trains to me in train simulator, i'll never use them as my interest is Germany.

    To buy every plane and scenery item for a flight sim would cost what.. 20, 30, 50 grand, makes our hobby seem cheap... BUT....

    Compare the simulated planes to our loco's where half the lights on the display never light up except on the light test switch... if that is even present on the model,
    70% of the switches don't work and nothing is prototypical.

    Most of the loco's we get are just eye candy, they look nice but to drive them it's like you are operating a model railway,
    If you cold start them, the 'expert controls' consist of raising the pantograph, selecting forwards on the reverser, release brakes, apply power and go... hell, apply power whilst the brakes are still on if you want... the loco will move when the brakes come off... same with braking, leave the power lever where it is, brake, and it'll carry on under power when you release the brakes... brakes release in a second, no matter how long the train is.

    Which is why i love the "Virtual Railroads" versions of German locos... quality over quantity is the key here.

    This is a cold start and drive procedure for a "true" vR version of the BR103
    • Battery switch on
    • Preform an instrument lamp test
    • Air compressor start up
    • Pre select which pantograph to raise, limited to 110kmh and in icy conditions only if you select both to be up
    • Raise the panto.. with the reverser lever / direction switch in the correct position and air pressure over 8 bar
    • Brake lever to 4.7 bar setting, only after the main pressure has reached 10 bar
    • Release the handbrake
    • Main switch on
    • Turn on the safety systems (Direction switch in correct position again) Thats: PZB, Sifa and LZB if needed
    • Select the correct mode for the PZB system
    • Headlights on
    • Instrument lights on if dark or going in tunnels, same for cab / desk light
    • Wipers on if needed.. select which wiper (left or right) and the wiper speed or interval you want for each wiper
    • Reverser / direction switch to V / forwards
    • Transformer switch to correct setting for your speed over the next section of line
    • Release brakes
    • Turn traction motor blowers switch on or to automatic position
    • Apply power, only when the brake interlock has released
    • Notch up and watch the ammeter, apply too much power too soon and you'll trip the overload
    • Operate the Sifa reset every 30 seconds or so or brakes will apply
    • Respond to the PZB magnets on the route, get down to the speed needed within the brake curve or get an emergency stop
    • Need to pass a signal at danger, hold the PZB 'Befehl - 40' button as you pass the danger signal, or emergency brake application
    • Notch down well in advance of needing to brake, takes 30 seconds to notch down to zero from top notch
    • Don't apply the brakes untill traction power is off, or trip the main switch etc
    • After braking, you have to wait for the main pipe pressure to raise and brake cylinders to release..watch the gauges
    • Stop at a station, open the doors... wait for the Zp9 starting signal (whistle usually) and press the close doors switch
    • Wait for the doors closed and locked T light to light up solid
    • And so on.. there's even random faults that can happen anytime during a run.. i get one prolly every 12 or so runs i do.

    Only don't expect any of that with the so called vR version of the BR103 TEE in the 'pro line' sale currently on, that one has had all it's prototypical features stripped out of it, doesnt even have the usual vR modeled TAV door closure function for the supplied coaches :mad:

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