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    I suggest something new. Instead of a passenger route, to go from point A to point B, create an interactive freight route; just make the harbour area with all the cranes and the whole classification yard to prepare the composition of the train.

    I think it would be interesting because it would be something new, to see in the port the different cargo terminals and use freight wagons for each type of merchandise.

    It would also be innovative to make a "zone" route, not a railway line from A to B.
    One of the ports that can be done is: Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Marseille, Bremen, Le Havre, Barcelona ...
    Port of Rotterdam

    What do you think?
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    I think that's a terrific idea, especially since TSW has brought us far more realistic coupling and loading operations than we have ever experienced in TS, along with fully operational turntables.
    Unfortunately, I also think it will never be realized -- at least not by DTG, based on the number of switching/shunting scenarios present in both TS and TSW compared to the number of passenger and long-haul freight runs. Those of us who would eagerly spend hours maneuvering freight through yards or ports or even picking up and dropping off at simple sidings are far outnumbered by those who just get their kicks from what we see as wastes of time.
    I'm not really knocking those other activities or those who prefer them: just lamenting finding myself, as usual, among the minority.

    Thanks for the dream, QO1922!
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