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Pre Grouping... But Not Steam?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by perpetualhobo, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. perpetualhobo

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    Apr 18, 2019
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    Here’s some background...

    Sir Vincent Raven became the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the North Eastern Railway in 1910. He was an innovative man, adding superheating to existing engines, developing a cab signaling device, and also a strong believer in the development of electric traction.

    In 1913 (after the success of the Tyneside EMUs which began operating in 1904!) the NER’s board gave him permission to test his ideas for mainline use on the ~18 mile route from Shildon Yard to Newport Yard. By 1914 the project had begun, and by 1916 the whole route had been electrified.

    Raven designed a class of 10 electric locomotives to run the line. These were numbered 3-12 would later be classed the EF1’s. [​IMG]
    The No. 3 Roundhouse at Shildon was converted to house these electrics.

    In use they were considered slightly advantageous compared to the Q6 0-8-0’s with exceptional braking ability. They were permitted trains of up to 1400 tons (70 wagons!).

    One engine was involved in a collision... after bringing its heavy train down to 3mph on a downhill gradient. Preventing catastrophic damage!

    Unfortunately, even from the beginning coal traffic was insufficient for all 10 engines. Even after limits from WWI ended, it was clear to Gresley there would never be a high enough traffic load for the engines (And the one off EE1 express passenger loco).

    By 1935 all the engines entered storage at Darlington.

    It was proposed that the engines could be modified for banking duties on the Woodhead Route, and No. 11 was converted in 1941

    All ten were classified as EB1, however, all those except No. 11 remained in storage, were reclassified as EF1, and all were eventually scrapped.

    Enough background, what does everyone think?

    I feel this route would make a fantastic addition to TSW, being such an old era, yet not necessitating the addition of steam engines into the game, appealing to both the users wanting to delve farther back into railway history, but staying within the current software limitations.

    While electrification of the ECML didn’t take place until fairly modern times, the Shildon Electrics provide an interesting insight as to what might have been if Raven’s dreams came true.
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