Problems In Tank Car Set Out- Cane Creek

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    I am having problems in getting started on the gradient in the "Tank Car Setout" Scenario in Cane Creek. I wonder if anyone could help please. I'm at the point right at the end where I have to take the train a few hundred yards to the end point and I can't seem to get started at all. I've tried building up the rpms then releasing the brakes but it just doesn't move at all.Any help would be really appreciated
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    Welcome to the forums!

    I do not remember playing this, but make sure:

    If there is any loco at the end of the train, set it up correctly.
    - Setup air brakes and MU correct
    - Make sure to set the engine run
    - When releasing the air brakes, wait till the BP is near 89, before that you cannot depart.

    You also may tell us the values you see in the HUD on all gauges, BP, BC, ER, amps. This helps a lot to find out what goes wrong.From your report I cannot see what you forgot.
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    I just played it and I can't find any problems.
    Usual things you could have overlooked are:
    • You didn't wait enough for automatic brakes to release.
    • You didn't put the reverser forward after you went back to couple (might be in neutral, but you thought you put it forward).
    • You used the Independent brake to stop your locos, but now you are releasing the automatic brakes since you are moving with the full train and forgot to release the independent brake.
    • You used the hand brake on the remaining wagons when you uncoupled the tankers and now you forgot to release it.
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