Prr: New York - Philadelphia: Late 40 - Mid 60s

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    This suggestion started out as a Simple question to my self, "how can we Bring back NEC: NY But make it different and Unique" So I made this.

    Differences from the Original:
    The most Prominent Difference is the Fact i changed its Time Period and Section, instead of Between Newark and New Rochelle, i Set it between Philadelphia and New York Penn, this Extends the route to a little less then 100 miles, but doesn't cross into New Haven Territory, ill save that side for another time,
    I changed the Time period to about Late 40s - Mid 60s to allows for a bit of steam action but at the same time allow Both Old and Newer diesels, with the Obvious Electrics, this also allows pretty much Pure PRR Action as Penn Central formed in the Late 60s.

    The Services:
    Being a PRR Route we of course get to see the some of the Many Named trains, if I Listed them all we would be here a While, so go here to see the full list List of Pennsylvania Railroad passenger trains - Wikipedia, Freight can Probably be replicated from the Original NEC: NY.

    The Locos:
    PRR GG1:

    The PRR GG1, Where the Obvious First choice in Locos for this route (how could I not include it?), these can run, well Passenger trains as was Intended, they may Come in both there Green, and Tuscan red liveries.
    PRR GG1.jpg

    PRR MP54:
    The MP54 Was my choice for Local stopping passenger services, there is really nothing much to say about these Units but it will fill its Roll really nicely.
    PRR MP54.jpg

    EMD GP9/GP9B:
    This was my choice for freight services and switching on this route, they can come with both the A and B Units, again nothing much to say but will fill the role Nicely.
    PRR GP9.jpg

    Passenger Rollingstock:
    I have Chosen the P70/D78/B-60 Passengers cars for this route, these will be used on the Passenger services.
    Freight stock i wont get into but like i said it can essentially be a Replication of the Original route's stock.

    PRR P5:

    I Was originally gonna have these under a Loco to be included in the Route normally but i decided to put these as DLC Instead replacing them with the MP54 and GP9 Because I Knew Diesel action was necessary, these units are Mixed traffic units running both Passenger and Freight services, they come in both there standard boxcab design and P5a with a GG1 Styled steeplecab.

    The Layering:
    Any other PRR Locos can layer into this route, not so much the same in reverse, along with Passenger cars and Freight stock, the GP9 Could also to Sand Patch.

    Well thats it for this route, nothing much to it but I Think would make a wonderful route to drive, im out bye.
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    Another few potential DLCs could be a PRR FM Trainmaster, Alco FA2 A/B, Baldwin Sharknose A/B, and/or NW2.
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    GG1's also took freight services towards the end of their working lives. Quite frankly I'd pull my wallet out just for the GG1 and the route, anything else thrown into the DLC would be an added bonus.
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    I'd love anything with a GG1 :)
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    It is a perfect route suggestion, and timing. Classic trains latest issue has an entire article on the Hell Gate Bridge along with a map, pictures of the GG-1 from every possible angle, and pictures of rolling stock.
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    Not familiar with the route, but I'd love to see something like this. Locos in the pictures certainly look quite interesting and different from the usual stuff. :)

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