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    There seems to be a design issue: the click on the little option button on PS5 controller gives a Manage Content option that only lists installed content.

    The Store view of PS5 and the Store view in PS5 edition of TSW4 have errors an ommsions.

    The one working path for me is to be at top level in PS5 UI and to land on an item using L and R arrow, not by X click and then to use down arrow, wait a moment for more layers below, then further down until i reach dlc, then ask for all dlc on the right, then for any incorrect item in TSW4 to check its actual download status and if stranded, to use ... to force it to load.

    In my case, the new PS5 is holding collections for


    PS4 TSW3
    PS5 TSW3

    PS4 TSW4
    PS5 TSW4

    The one upside is that the PS4 edition of TSW4 on this PS5 is the ONLY place across XBox, PS4 and PS5 where i have the TSW3 profile correct in an instance of a TSW4 !!

    I have not yet gone all out to buy another TSW3 under PC Steam just to buy another PC PSW4 to check if Steam offers to import the correct current TSW3 profile.

    So OCD has not triumphed ... yet.
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