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    I would love to see a Queensland Rail route in TSW, and think that the Shorncliffe and Cleveland lines would make an excellent route. Shorncliffe and Cleveland are both seaside termini at each end of the same line in the South East Queensland commuter network, servicing Brisbane and surrounding areas. This particular route is 58 kilometres long, which means it should fit within the technical constraints of TSW, but with the route starting and finishing at the buffer blocks at each termini, the route will not feel cut short like some others sometimes can. Shorncliffe-Cleveland would have to include Central Station and Roma Street Station in the heart of the city, the Merivale Bridge crossing to the southside of the Brisbane River, and South Brisbane Station, four iconic Brisbane landmarks, as well as Mayne Depot, the heart of QR’s operations, and Banyo Depot, on the Shorncliffe line. Presently all of QR’s suburban rollingstock can be seen on this route, the retiring EMUs, SMU (Suburban Multiple Unit) pairs of each series, the odd pairing of an SMU and IMU (Interurban Multiple Unit), and the latest NGR (New Generation Rollingstock). It is also not unheard of for QR’s heritage fleet to visit Shorncliffe on tour. I believe that packaging the route with the NGR and EMU trains would be a great start, and the various series of IMU and SMU would be a decent add on later down the line. I really hope that this, or any other QR lines could be added to TSW, although I am fairly confident that Shorncliffe-Cleveland would be the best example of commuter rail in SEQ.
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