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    So I used scenario planner alot more often now and got quite comfortable using it - even with the restrictions it currently has.
    I like the heritage locos from WSR but the route often takes too long for me due to the speed limit and I decided I want to make my own "diesel show" on ECW. My own train starts at Lewes and goes to Brighton and I encounter 3 AI trains on the way, and one justs sits in Brighton and Lewes each stationary (sadly you can't fill the empty platforms yet). Mind you this has to be made via off the rails and it is the first time I used off the rails, my problems might come from that and I just wouldn't know. I have two issues, one minor and one major, where maybe someone here knows a solution:

    Minor issue: My own train as well as AI trains marked as passenger services need to stop at the stations as usual, but don't have loading timers. This I can easily ignore, since you have no time restraints in scenario planner and I can just open/close as I please. Tt would still be nice to have the usual loading timer though.

    Major issue: All trains that go from Brighton to Seaford or Eastbourne are not pulling the wagons but pushing them. It isn't a gameplay problem but as many of you might agree, it is alot nicer to see a loco at the horizon passing you instead of the end of a passenger wagon. So this is an issue that I would like to change if possible.

    There is an exception to this, I also spawned a CL 45 at Lewes' freight train platform (going south to the loading station, Mark 2 passenger wagons) and the stationary CL 20 (coupled with 2 BR 101) at Brighton - both these trains are leading their consists the direction they would move to if they reached their starting timer.

    All other AI trains are just random consists of NTP and WSR trains and their respective Mark 1 or Mark 2 carriages, the Mark 1 wagons with B or C variants.

    Thanks for any ideas!

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