Question To Dtg Protagonist About Scenario Planner

Discussion in 'TSW General Discussion' started by Br425, Jul 17, 2020.

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    Jul 18, 2019
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    Hi Sam,
    I have two new questions about the scenario planner on the German route and I hope you can answer them.
    Question 1: Will we be able to select the S-Bahn stations which are normally not used by the ICE or the Talent 2 in the scenario planner? Because if I make a scenario for the S-Bahn I would like to stop there too for more realism.

    Question 2: Will the AI trains which we set up with the scenario planner have the correct destinations on the destination board? For example, if I set an AI-train as RE9 from Köln to Aachen, will it show RE9 Aachen on the destination board?
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    Oct 24, 2017
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    Don't know if we'll get any answers before the next stream but I'll stick mine here as is good as place as any!

    Will we be able to train hop in Scenario mode like you can in Service/Timetbale mode? e.g. I'd like to take a stopper/semi-fast and stop half way on route, watch some high speed and/or freight go past and hop onto the next stopper.

    Within the Reskin thingy, are we able to add names to loco's or is it just a set of template colours? e.g. I'd like to have a BR Class 20 in BR Blue and I'd like to add some names to the 40,45 and 47's.
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    You will be able to create compley liveries using layers of shapes and such. So yes, you should be able to create liveries with specific names, etc.

    Who is going to be the first to create anime girl paintjobs for trains?
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    Dec 13, 2016
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    If you take a look at the headphones he uses in the streams, I think it will be Matt!
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  5. Monder

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    Aug 14, 2019
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    That won't be anime, that will be an ICE in hot pink from wheels to pantographs.
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