Railfan Tv Schedule - Week Beginning August 1st

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    This upcoming week we have a set of Preview streams for our latest content and a Let’s Play to finish!
    All of our streams should start at 19:00 UTC and will be available on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

    Wednesday, August 3rd - Terrier 150th birthday celebrations - Jamie
    To Celebrate the incredible 150th Anniversary of the Terrier locomotive join Jamie as he looks at the terriers of preservation and the history of these lovely locomotives.

    Thursday, August 4th - Let's Play: Spirit of Steam - Sam
    Sam will be jumping aboard and streaming Spirt of Steam in a Let's Play!

    Our usual Roadmap has had to be pushed back to the second week of August.

    We're already in August?! Personally remember overly practising everyday driving in early march!
    We’ll see you live next week so have a good weekend everyone!
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