Railfan Tv Schedule - Week Beginning August 30th, 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DTG JD, Aug 27, 2021.

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  1. DTG JD

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    Feb 25, 2021
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    Hello folks,

    Thanks for your patience over the past week. We're happy to say there will be two Nahverkehr Dresden steams next week (including this week's postponed one).

    Tuesday, August 31st - Nahverkekr Dresden Preview (1) - Matt & JD
    Wednesday, September 1st - Workshop Wednesday - Jamie
    Thursday, September 2nd - Nahverkehr Dresden Preview (2) - Matt & Sam
    Friday, September 3rd - Professor Matt: US Signalling - Matt

    Have a good long weekend!
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  2. DTG Natster

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    Sep 2, 2020
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    Tonight's stream will be a Let's Play with Matt instead of the US Signalling so that he can spend some more time preparing.
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