Railfan Tv Schedule - Week Beginning November 8th, 2021

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    Hello folks,

    A quieter one next week, as some of the team are out at different points of the week. However, we see the much-anticipated return of the pub quiz next Friday. Bring your quizzing brains and prepare to win the best prize money can't buy: pride and smugness.

    Wednesday, November 10th - Workshop Wednesdays (TS2022) - Jamie
    Thursday, November 11th - Let's Play Train Sim World 2 - Matt and Nat
    Friday, November 12th - Friday Night Pub Quiz (Twitch only) - JD

    All streams (apart from the Pub Quiz, which is Twitch only) will be available on our Twitch and YouTube channels, and start at 20:00 UTC.
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