Railfan Tv Schedule - Week Beginning October 4th

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    Happy Friday, folks!

    Here's your Railfan TV schedule for next week. It's a jam-packed week of Train Sim World 2 goodness, including a first look at Nahverkehr Dresden's Meißen branch and Rivet Games' 1938 Tube Stock, as well as a second preview of London Commuter, and the Roadmap.

    We'll also be playing through the London Commuter when it launches on October 7th!

    As ever, these will be live on our YouTube and Twitch channels from 19:00 UTC.

    Monday, October 4th - Meißen branch preview - Matt and Jamie
    Tuesday, October 5th - Roadmap update - Nat and Adam
    Wednesday, October 6th - Preview: London Commuter (2) - Matt and JD
    Thursday, October 7th - Let's Play: London Commuter - Matt and TBC
    Friday, October 8th - Preview: 1938 Tube Stock - Sam and Matt P (Rivet Games)

    Don't forget - there's a first preview of the London Commuter route with Nat and Matt this evening from 19:00 UTC. Have a lovely weekend!
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