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Railway Line Augsburg Hbf - Ulm Hbf

Discussion in 'Route Suggestions & Proposals' started by BR430, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. BR430

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    Nov 28, 2018
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    The Augsburg – Ulm railway is an electrified, 85-kilometer main line that connects the cities of Augsburg
    and Ulm connects. This railway line would be a possibility of an extension of the existing railway line
    Munich-Augsburg. The travel time with the ICE between Augsburg HBF - Ulm HBF is approximately 45 minutes. From Munich main station about 75 minutes.

    In long-distance traffic, one to two Intercity-Express and InterCity trains run every hour on lines from
    Munich via Augsburg and Ulm to Stuttgart and from there to various other destinations.

    Regional express trains (sometimes also regional trains) serve the route between Ulm and every hour
    Augsburg. These trains will be coupled with another train from Donauwörth and run at Augsburg Hbf
    then on to Munich. Until the timetable change in December 2008, all locomotives of the
    DB series 110 in "box shape" or with the "crease" used. Deutsche Bahn has been using since December 2008
    only trains of the type Alstom Coradia Continental. The LIREX trains (440 series) run as
    Fugger Express between Ulm / Donauwörth, Augsburg and Munich.

    For this purpose, the information of the kilometers in which the stations are located:

    Kilometer stations

    0.000 Augsburg Hbf
    1,979 Augsburg-Oberhausen
    Augsburg Hirblinger Strasse
    6,320 Neusäß
    7,849 Westheim (Schwab)
    12.313 Diedorf (Schwab)
    16,576 Gessertshausen
    19,383 Kutzenhausen
    27,789 shards of spelled
    37,691 free heaps
    42,375 Jettingen
    45,672 Burgau (Schwab)
    49, 424 Mindelaltheim, Germany
    53,161 Offingen
    (Route from Ingolstadt)
    61, 420 Gunzburg
    62.0 (route to Mindelheim)
    66,514 Leipheim
    Federal motorway 8 (Danube bridge Leipheim)
    69.4 beaver (Bach)
    72.2 Roth (Bach)
    74,173 Nersingen
    75.4 Leibi (Bach)
    Federal motorway 7
    81.1 (route connection point Awanst EvoBus)
    (Route) from Kempten (Allgäu)
    Trough structure Neu-Ulm Ost [1] (200 m)
    83,643 Neu-Ulm
    83.770 Tunnel Neu-Ulm West (254 m)
    85.0 Danube (state border Bavaria – Baden-Württemberg)
    (Route from Friedrichshafen)
    85.8 Ulm Hbf

    It would be very interesting to get this route for the Train Simualtor 2020/2021 after you have finished TSW 2
    asked. This railway line could be extended with an extension, as with the Riedbahn from Frankfurt Main HBF via
    Coupling Mannheim HBF to Karlsruhe HBF, so that one can drive through freight trains with the ICE.

    I would be very happy if this expansion made it into Train Simulator.

    Best regards

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  2. ARuscoe

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    Apr 9, 2018
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    Would be a varied and picturesque route, having driven it on A7 a couple of years ago

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