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Railway Line Grafing (s4/s6)- Wasserburg (inn) Bf Railway: A Mix Of S-bahn And Diesel Trains

Discussion in 'Route Suggestions & Proposals' started by BR430, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. BR430

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    Nov 28, 2018
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    Hello dear DTG team,

    Now I will log in to this forum a second time, because I have another route request from the beautiful federal state
    Bavaria have. I come back to this DLC from Munich - Rosenheim. Since then not the S4 / S6 not
    to their actual terminus until Ebersberg (Upper Bavaria leads, I have this suggestion for you
    You could combine this with a bundle like you did with the DLC Karlsruhe HBF - Mannheim and
    Mannheim - Frankfurt Main, do the same with Grafing to Wasserburg (Inn) Bf.

    This route leads from Grafing station to Wasserburg and is electrified to Ebersberg (Upper Bavaria). The
    Electrification ends after the Ebersberg station (Upper Bavaria) and is used by the railway company:
    "S├╝dostbayerbahn" operated via Wasserburg (Inn) bf to M├╝hldorf or Rosenheim. On the diesel line to
    Ebersberg (Upper Bavaria), runs the 628 series, some already from Munich HBF / CS or Grafing.

    > 0.0 km: Grafing train station
    > 2.1 km: Grafing Stadt> S-Bahn S4 / S6 with 3 units
    > 6.0 km: Ebersberg (Upper Bavaria)> terminus of S-Bahn S4
    > 12.1 km: Steinhoring
    > 14.2 km: Tulling
    > 16.7 km: Forsting
    > 22.7 km: Edling
    > 24.7 km: Wasserburg (Inn) Bf

    Me and other railway enthusiasts would also be delighted with this beautiful landscape, especially there
    there is something for diesel and part of the S-Bahn line is from Grafing to the station and with the diesel train
    Series 628 continue until Wasserburg can drive.

    I would also be very happy if this could appear this year.

    Best regards


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