Randstad Mainlines: Rotterdam To Den Haag Centraal, Amsterdam And Zandvoort An Zee

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    The Line(s)
    This 85.24 mile line is an amalgamation of 2 major lines and a branch line, those being the line to Amsterdam via Haarlem and via Schiphol Airport as well as the spur to Den Haag Centraal. We start at the amazing station of Rotterdam Centraal and head west, toward Schiedam Centrum, where we curve north west toward Delft and Den Haag. We then curve right through Den Haag toward Leiden. After Leiden, the line splits with one heading north through Haarlem and one heading north east via the Airport. This route also allows access to both levels of Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station. Also, the branch to Zandvoort will be included.

    Major stations marked in Bold

    Rotterdam-Amsterdam via Schiphol
    Rotterdam Centraal
    Schiedam Centrum

    Delft Campus
    Den Haag Moerwijk
    Den Haag HS
    Den Haag Laan van NOI

    Den Haag Mariahoeve
    De Vink
    Leiden Centraal
    Nieuw Vennep
    Schiphol Airport
    Amsterdam Lelylaan
    Amsterdam Sloterdijk
    Amsterdam Centraal

    Via Haarlem
    Haarlem Spaarnwoude
    Amsterdam Sloterdijk
    Amsterdam Centraal

    Den Haag Centrum Spur
    Den Haag Centraal

    Zandvoort Branch
    Zandvoort an Zee

    Operators and Rolling Stock

    1 Operator will be featured, that being NS. 3 trains will be included, these being the VIRM, SLT and SGM

    Intercity [operated by VIRM]
    Nachtnet (Rotterdam Centraal-Utrecht Centraal): 1tph nights only [ends at Amsterdam Centraal]

    Amsterdam Centraal-Den Haag Centraal via Haarlem: 2tph until 10pm

    Amsterdam Centraal-Vlissingen via Haarlem: 2tph [ends at Rotterdam Centraal]

    Lelystad Centrum-Dordrecht: 2tph [starts at Schiphol Airport-ends at Rotterdam Centraal]

    Sprinter [operated by SLT and SGM]
    Hoofddorp-Hoorn Kersenboogerd: 2tph [ends at Amsterdam Sloterdijk] {operated by SLT and SGM}

    Amsterdam Centraal-Den Haag Centraal via Schiphol Airport: 2tph {operated by SLT}

    Amsterdam Centraal-Hoorn via Haarlem: 2tph [ends at Haarlem] {operated by SGM}

    Den Haag Centraal-Dordrecht: 2tph [ends at Rotterdam Centraal] {operated by SLT and SGM}

    Den Haag Centraal-Dordrecht: 2tph [ends at Rotterdam Centraal] {operated by SGM}

    Amsterdam Centraal-Zandvoort: 2tph {operated by SGM}

    Hoofddorp-Amsterdam Centraal: 2tph {operated by SGM}

    Den Haag Centraal-Haarlem: 2tph (Leiden Centraal-Haarlem in evenings) {operated by SLT}

    DLC Opportunities
    Rolling Stock
    . ICM 'Koploper': More Intercity services
    . NID/DDZ: Haarlem-Zandvoort and Intercity Services
    . Bombardier Traxx with ICRm Units: More Intercity Services
    Extensions (these are sensible enough to do)
    . Haarlem-Alkmaar: 21.25 miles
    . HSL Zuid (Rotterdam-Hoofddorp): 30.38 miles
    . Rotterdam Centraal-Dordrecht: 13.04 miles
    . Den Haag Centraal-Gouda Goverwelle: 19.20 miles
    . Leiden Centraal- Alphen aan den Rijn: 9.44 miles

    Rotterdam Centraal

    [​IMG] Den Haag Centraal

    [​IMG] Leiden Centraal

    [​IMG] Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

    [​IMG] Amsterdam Centraal

    [​IMG] VIRM

    [​IMG] SLT

    [​IMG] SGM

    Final Words
    This route would be a brilliant addition to TSW2 even though it is pretty long! Some brilliant stations, trains and a lot of services. And the amount of DLC opportunities is great, with 3 new trains and some good extensions. Before anyone says 'But DTG are not doing extensions' I am certain they said they may consider it in the future and I feel this would be a good place to start.
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    This is a really great route, but I am afraid it is a bit too long. My suggestion would be the line from Leiden to Amsterdam Centraal and Amsterdam Zuid, going over Haarlem and Schiphol. This is 86 km in total, which is a reasonable length for DTG.
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    And I have yet another suggestion :). Enschede - Amersfoort CS (shortening to Apeldoorn is possible), with the SGMm and ICMm. The VIRM(m), ex-NS 6400, NS 1600/1700, DB BR 189, SNG and DDZ would be DLC options for that. There are a lot of Dutch suggestions on these forums, so DTG will have no problem finding a route that would be the best introduction to the Dutch railways.
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    The Netherlands is an interesting country, where past and future mixes together. Very welcome country for TSW2!
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