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Rapid Transit Issues

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by BenDragon81037, Dec 16, 2017.

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    Oct 13, 2017
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    I've been analysing the rapid transit DLC, and I found a lot of issues with it, all of which are really close to the trackside.

    So lets get to business, below are a couple of videos, with a list of all of the problems I could find along the section of the route between Markkleeberg and Leipzig Hbf

    Video sources:

    Before I begin, my IRl reference video is outdated by approximately 4 years so I am not sure if anything has changed since then and now but track side infrastructure doesn't change all that often so I feel that I should let you know.

    The two videos are time synced so you won't have to try to find the right places in the video and all timestamps I will be referring to would be marked as [IRL/IG].

    Because many problems I am going to voice here are to do with entire sections of the route, I'm going to list all of the station synchronizations here and use the stations as reference timestamps so you can refer to the nearest timestamp that I am referring to, if it's not noted, I will post a custom timestamp.
    • Markkleeberg (0:00 / 13:51): Departing Markkleeberg, there are different styles of catenary which are not represented in the DLC, this problem persists until past Leipzig MDR.
    • Markkleeberg Nord (0:53 / 15:45):Approaching Markkleeberg Nord the catenary support for the OHLE changes to a centre support, with additional weights attached, this facilitates a changeover of cables that occurs throughout the station, the other set of weights are located at the far end of the station.

      This isn't featured in the DLC, instead, the wires separate and converge using standard components.

      Leaving Markkleeberg Nord the catenary changes to 2 poles at either side of the track although, in the DLC, there doesn't seem to be any poles supporting the left side of the catenary up for quite a long distance.

      When the OHLE supports come back, it appears to be sharing the pole on the right-hand side some of the time which isn't seen in the IRL video.

      The sharing only happens on and after the bridge and the retaining walls end and occur on the left-hand side rather than the right, this occurs until the last bridge before Connewitz at which point, the catenary itself changes to the green truss type, there's one other time and that's on the junction itself.
    • Connewitz (1:48 / 18:52):Approaching Connewitz station and I have no idea who designed those signal gantries before and after the station?
      Those are some of the worst signal gantries I have ever seen for a train simulator going back as far as Trainz Railway Simulator 2006.

      Some more OHLE support problems throughout the Connewitz Junction area occurring just about everywhere.

      After the OHLE mess that is Connewitz, another changeover of electrification similar to that of Markkleeberg Nord occurs which isn't featured.
    • Leipzig MDR (3:59 / 22:12): The OHLE on the approach is terrible as none of it is really accurate to the IRL prototype and greatly simplified in terms of design.

      Through Leipzig MDR, the supports are of the wrong type.

      After MDR, the OHLE is accurate, although there are some ugly signal gantries which I mentioned earlier.

      4:45 / 24:33 Completely dark tunnels... Unfortunately, the user didn't put on the headlights when entering the tunnel so a lot of the detail was missed out.
    • Leipzig Bayerischer Bf(5:04 / 24:44): The Approach is alright, not really the best transition compared to IRL as there appears to be a step at the end of the platform whereas there doesn't seem to be one in the DLC.

      Entering the station is less then impressive as there are not enough supports holding the rail up, the image below should give you an example of how frequent they are in all of the stations.
      After departing, the user turns on the train's high beam lights... And the tunnel's completely bare of all pipes, wiring, railings, walkways, electrical boxes and lights... This appears to continue throughout the tunnel, so much for "highly detailed and immersive environment", not to mention that TSW is supposed to allow you to explore the entire route on foot, not to mention the tunnels have an access walkway beside the tracks to allow access to maintain systems (hence the wires, lights, railings and electrical boxes).
    Because the problems I've said continue throughout, there's not many more unique problems to mention, except for the fact that the rail is attached to the tunne itsself like the image below:

    I wonder if World of Subways Vol.2 is better value for money when it comes to detail because, lets be frank, I wouldn't really call this a "highly detailed and immersive environment".
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