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Reminder: Train Sim World 2020 Collectors Edition

Discussion in 'PlayStation Discussion' started by Mkdog45, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. Mkdog45

    Mkdog45 Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2018
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    I just want to remind some off you that Train Sim World 2020 is going to release THIS FRIDAY on the 22nd of November 2019. It will be released at the same time on PC, PS4 and XB1. There is a link here and at the bottom.
    Here are some details:
    Train Sim World is an immersive first-person simulator perfect for everyone, with complete in-cab interactivity, accurate detail on locos, real-world routes and hours of gameplay. Take to the rails with the brand-new Train Sim World 2020: Collector's Edition and find everything you need to master new skills.


    Journeys - Blends together more than 24 hours of sequential gameplay for each route. Start a Journey and enjoy hundreds of scenarios, service timetables, and jobs to complete around the railway.

    Tutorials - Improved tutorials will teach new players all they need to master the rails - and even old hands might find something new to learn.

    Action Points - Rewards you for completing objectives, driving with accurate timing and records your best performance for each route scenario and timetable service.

    UI and HUD - We've overhauled our user interface to give players more control and confidence as they master some of the most powerful machines in the world.

    Authentic Realism - Master incredibly accurate locomotives and experience a collection of real world routes from around the world.

    Includes: Peninsula Corridor - Experience California Dreamin' railroading-style with the contemporary and dynamic Train Sim World: Peninsula Corridor. Stretching south from "the city by the bay" San Francisco to San Jose, this is home to one of America's most modern and captivating commuter railroads featuring 26 commuter stations - Caltrain.

    Main-Spessart Bahn - Carry freight and passengers over the Main Spessart Bahn, a wondrous mix of steep gradients, scenic hillsides and swooping turns. Take control of two modern icons of German motive power, the DB BR 185.2 and the DB BR 146.2 ,in a timeless freight-heavy and passenger-laden corridor in the heart of the German countryside.

    Northern Trans-Pennine - Take control of three icons of British motive power and carry passengers over the famous Trans-Pennine Railway. Towering moors, challenging grades and tight curves are yours to conquer. Operate your trains over an aging rail network with an out-of-date infrastructure and no modern safety systems to assist you.

    Long Island Railroad - Experience America's busiest commuter railroad along with all the bustle and challenges of railroading in New York City in Long Island Railroad. The famed "LIRR" operates 24/7 and carries more than 350,000 commuters each weekday! Take the controls of the M7 and head into America's busiest rail junction at Jamaica, New York.

    Ruhr-Sieg Nord - Deep valleys, tight curves and picturesque vistas are yours to experience in Ruhr-Sieg Nord, bringing one of Germany's oldest railways to life. Operate your trains over the historic rails of the Ruhr Valley and keep to the precise timetable. Whether you're driving, riding along or watching the action, experience all the sights and sounds of German railways at their best.

    Great Western Express - You've been invited to work for Great Western Railways as a driver on one of Britain's busiest railways. With a timetable to keep and thousands of passengers to transport on-time, your skill, focus and endurance will be tested to the limit. Departing the busy London Paddington terminus, you'll have to negotiate the intense traffic and adverse signals, keeping to rule and your nerve.
  2. Mikey_9835

    Mikey_9835 Well-Known Member

    Feb 14, 2019
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    So the only difference between this and the digital deluxe edition is the inclusion of RSN. I mean £40 for 6 routes aint bad at all considering they're £25 each. Seems great for people who don't already own the game. I have to admit i'm jealous since you save £110.
  3. pugsnotdrugs

    pugsnotdrugs New Member

    Jul 12, 2018
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    if you had the first version on disk that came out before the 2020 update if you got the collectors edition would the dlc copy over or would you be stuck with the collectors edition dlc and not have for example the northeast corridor

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