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Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by DTG Jamie, Nov 12, 2020.

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    If you experience encounter a technical issue while playing Train Simulator please submit a report by visiting our Support Site. When submitting a report of this kind please include as full a description as possible including screenshots and/or video footage and whether you encountered the problem more than once.

    Note that not every issue encountered is considered to be a problem. In some cases the game will be working as intended even if the result does not match your expectation. Where a technical issue is not performing to the intent of the design further investigation may be conducted. Depending on the nature of the issue reported it is possible you do not receive a response from the support team, however please rest assured that every submitted report is read and logged.

    If you are having a problem of a technical nature posting in this forum is likely to get you a faster response than waiting for the support team.
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