Rftv Schedule - Week Beginning June 19th

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    Jun 16, 2022
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    Happy Friday!

    Coming up on our RFTV Schedule is a 'Big Four' showcase on Train Simulator Classic, as well as a first-look preview for Glossop Line: Manchester – Hadfield & Glossop!

    Dovetail streams will be live at 18:00 UTC / 19:00 BST and available on YouTube and Twitch.

    Wednesday, June 21st: TSC - 'Big Four' Showcase (Jamie)
    Jamie will be showcasing the Duchess of Sutherland, the Riviéra line, Class A4 Pacifics Loco, and Nelson!

    Thursday, June 22nd: Glossop Line Preview (Matt, Alex)
    Join myself and Matt as we preview the upcoming content heading to Train Sim World 3!

    Have a good weekend everyone :)
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