Robin Hood Line: Nottingham - Worksop

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    This 30 mile route connects Worksop: upload_2021-8-14_19-58-15.jpeg to Nottingham along the Robin Hood Line via Whitwell, upload_2021-8-14_19-58-39.jpeg
    Creswell, upload_2021-8-14_19-59-16.jpeg
    Langwith-Whaley Thorns,
    Mansfield Woodhouse,[​IMG]
    Sutton Parkway, upload_2021-8-14_20-6-12.jpeg
    Kirkby in Ashfield,[​IMG]
    Bulwell [​IMG]
    and Nottingham [​IMG]
    trains that normally cover this route are Class 170's[​IMG], Class 156's [​IMG]
    and Class 158's[​IMG]
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    More details
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    Could u add pictures and a conclusion?
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    Pre 2020 the Robin Hood line had a half hourly service until 6pm, with 1 service terminating at Mansfield Woodhouse and the other going all way to worksop.

    Off peak before 6pm only 1 the would call at Bulwell and 1tph at Newstead with it being split. Bulwell (Woodhouse service) Newstead (Worksop service) and then the opposite station on the return journey.

    All journey before and including the 08.24 from Nottingham and 08.37 from Worksop called at all stations and every service after 16.56 from Nottingham (can't remember Worksop time in evening).

    There was in a morning an additional service from Mansfield Woodhouse that mostly was a class 158 (rare for it to be different) that was actually a through service to Norwich. Wouldn't actually effect in game but I find interesting.

    Also the 07.27 from Mansfield Woodhouse (I believe 07.04 from Worksop, it starts there anyway) was a through service to Lincoln. At the time this was genuinely the only scheduled service to be 3 coaches.

    Also that would be an interesting way to get to Lincoln from Worksop, 2 hours via Nottingham rather than the standard Northern service, about 50 minutes.

    At the time most services were run with a class 156 although 158 were common enough, thankfully rarely there was a single 153. I also once saw 3x 153 running together which was different.

    Today because of the 2020 timetable there is only 1 tph all way to Worksop.

    There is mostly 3 car 170 Turbostars today although you can see 156/158 just not as common. I did once see a 2 car 170.

    Whilst it would be nice to have Turbostars in the game the 2019 timetable would be far more interesting.

    Between kirkby in Ashfield and Worksop the track is double track and Between Langwith Whaley Thorns and just before Worksop there is semaphore signalling.

    Between Kirkby in Ashfield and just after Bulwell the track is single with a passing loop just after Newstead Tunnel.

    Between Hucknall and just after Bulwell the track used to be double however 1 is now split off for use by the Net services.
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    I was shocked to see this hasn't had much added by op. I added some information I thought would be useful, pointing out interesting services and giving information on service patters.

    Was hoping they would put a conclusion and more info here to add to it.

    It's a shame really because this route fits within DG routes of around 40 or less with room to spare, it adds Nottingham Station which would be great to have in game.

    Most other services out of Nottingham are longer than the 40 miles DG likes to use although I admit there are 2 possibilities, Newark to Matlock and Leicester to Lincoln being split at Nottingham and either way being added.

    The route would also give us at least 1 DMU which is a lacking unit type, we have the 166 which is relatively modern and the 101 which is old. Not really much coverage there.

    It's an interesting route to keep time on and it's not uncommon to see a train at Mansfield Woodhouse be 5 minutes late, there is at least when travelling to Nottingham a 5 minute gap here if the train is on time.

    So to conclude it would give us potential of interesting timetable which could be challenging to keep on time and could potentially add 2/3 units depending on what they would choose.

    I will try to add more details in future because I know that increases and helps possibilities of add on being done.

    Of course I understand the licensing might not be easy for the old EMT but I still think it was a better time period to set it in. Not saying the new DB licensing would be easy for EMR though, just with the timetable right now it's loses a lot of what would make it interesting.

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