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    The route from Rostock Hbf to Bad Kleinen is an electrified, 70 km long route.

    That's the traffic on the route in 2020/2021:
    2020-12-24 (1).png

    The S2 drives every 60 Minutes with 5-car-Talent 2-units between Rostock Hbf and Schwaan.

    The RE1 drives every 120 minutes in the full route. The train is a electric locomotive with 5 Doppelstockwagen (4th. Generation). The locomotive was until 2013 a BR 120.2 or sometimes a BR 112.1/BR 114. Since 2013, there are also the BR 182 (Taurus), which make the services with the BR 120.2 together, sometimes there is instead a BR 112.1/BR 114. Since December 2020, there should be the BR 146.3 instead the BR 182 and BR 120.2, but in the moment, there still are the BR 182 because the train drivers are in training with the BR 146.3. The loco is always in the direction Hamburg.
    BR 120.2:

    The RE4 drives every 120 minutes between Bützow and Bad Kleinen. There drive the BR 623 Lint 41.
    BR 623:
    PA319298 - Kopie (1).jpg

    The RB17 drives 2 times per day between Rostock and Bad Kleinen (-> Schwerin). Until Summer 2020, the train was a BR 442 like on the S2. Since Summer 2020, there are the BR 429 Flirt EMUs.
    BR 429:

    On this route are mostly 2 IC/ICE lines:
    The ICE 26 drives at least 4 times per day and direction with the BR 411. Until 2018, the line was driven as Intercity.
    The IC 30 drives two times per day and make with the ICE 26 a 2-hour-frequenze.
    The long-distance-trains stop at Rostock Hbf, Bützow and Schwerin (behind Bad Kleinen), just a few trains stop at Bad Kleinen.

    On this line are also some freight treins, mostly with start/end Rostock Seaport.

    In the past, the RB17 was driven as RE7 with a BR 112.1 and 3 Doppelstockwagen. The S2 was also driven with a BR 143 and 3 old Doppelstockwagen. The RE4 was driven as RE6 with the BR 628.

    Route Rostock Hbf - Bad Kleinen
    BR 120.1 with Intercity
    BR 120.2 with Doppelstockwagen

    BR 143 with Doppelstockwagen and freight cars
    BR 442

    Possible Loco-DLCs in the future:
    BR 623 or BR 628
    BR 114 with Doppelstockwagen
    BR 411
    BR 429
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    I want this route!!
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    That was not all. This route alone (like a lot other german routes) would be a A->B Journey again mostly, for me it would also be fun. But there is a way to do this better: With the "Rostock-Bad Kleinen Extention Pack" (this name just occorded me :D). This pack would extend the Basic route in different directions:
    The blue lines are the extention routes.
    This are:
    Bad Kleinen - Schwerin Süd (in the map it's only to Schwerin Hbf, but for Freight we need the route until Schwerin-Görries and Schwerin Süd is nearly at the southend of the Tracks from Schwerin-Görries) with a lengh of 23 kilometres.
    Bad Kleinen - Wismar as a single-track-route and a lengh of 17 kilometres.
    Rostock Hbf - Warnemünde with a lot S-Bahn-traffic (and a little bit freight traffic to Bramow) and a lengh of 13 kilometres. Not all stations are on the map.
    Rostock Hbf - Rostock Seehafen with the big freight stations Rostock Seehafen Süd (Dierkow), Rostock Seehafen Mitte (Hinrichsdorfer Straße) and Rostock Toitenwinkel with a total lengh of 12 kilometres. (the route goes first with the route to Stralsund and after Kassebohm it goes to the Seaport). Not all stations are on the map.

    In total, the route lengh of this extention pack is around 65 kilometres. But, what does the longer route gives the player? Look at the graphic below and compare it with the graphic in my first post.
    2021-01-13 (2).png
    You see, there is a lot more variety. You can drive the S-Bahn to Warnemünde and to Schwaan. The Intercity trains mostly don't stop at Bad Kleinen, but in Schwerin Hbf - more realistic. You can drive single Intercitys to Warnemünde. You can explore the single-track-route to wismar and the big Seaport of Rostock. You can shunt a lot in the seaport. But - wait? Where are person trains to the seaport? And are there some other EVU than the DB? Yes, they are. The ODEG drives the RE2 with the BR 445 (KISS, not Twindexx). Picture below.
    445 111 in Bad Kleinen with the "rainbow" bridge. The licensing could be a problem. Now the trains which are driving on the lines:
    RE1: BR 182 with 5 Dostos, get in 2021 changed to the 146.3.
    RE2: BR 445 KISS
    RE4: BR 623 Lint 41 (more modern than the BR 648)
    RB17: BR 429 Flirt 1 and sometimes BR 442
    RB18: BR 429 Flirt 1 and sometimes BR 442
    S1 - S3: BR 442 with 5 cars.
    IC: BR 101 with IC-Cars, single trains (to Warnemünde) with BR 146.5 and IC2.
    ICE: BR 411 ICE-T

    That's a lot, right? I have an idea for that. What, if we don't make this route in 2021, but in 2011?

    2021-01-13 (3).png

    A lot happened. There are trains to the Seaport, There is the station Petersdorf and a lot more happened. First, the stations Warnemünde and Bad Kleinen gotn't rebuilt. Some lines have other numbers and there are other (and in my opinion more interesting) trains.

    RE1: BR 120 with 5 Dostos(4. Generation). Sometimes BR 112 as replace. (Since 2013 also BR 182)
    RE4: BR 114 with 4 Dostos(4. Generation). (My suggestion: BR 143 or BR 112 as replace). Train goes via Berlin to Ludwigsfelde and sometimes to Jüterbog (look at the Dostos from Berlin-Leipzig from TS2021, they have that as destination; in the future RE2)
    RE6: BR 628.4
    RE7: BR 112 with 3 Dostos(4. Generation). (In the future RB17)
    IC: BR 101 or BR 120 with IC1
    Shunting in the Seaport: BR 298
    S1 and S2: BR 143 with 3 DR-Dostos.
    S3: Nearly everything. Mostly BR 642 or BR 628 (I saw on pictures also BR 112 or BR 143 with 1 or 3 Dostos, BR 143 with one y-Wagen and BR 646 from Berlin)

    My suggestion for trains in the DLC:
    Rostock-Bad Kleinen:
    BR 120.1 and 120.2 with Intercity
    BR 143 with Dostos(4. Generation)
    Some freight (maybe BR 185.2?)

    Extention pack:
    BR 143 with DR-Dostos
    BR 628.4 (maybe as extra DLC)
    BR 298 (maybe as extra DLC)

    This other trains should drive on this route:
    BR 112 (from HL, for RE4 and RE7)
    BR 101 (from DLC for HRR)

    You planned for GWR multiple timetables. Why not here also? There would just be 2 little problems: The station rebuilts from Bad Kleinen and Warnemünde, but I think, that doesn't count very much. The timetable for 2021 is a lot more BR 442 action.

    I hope you enjoyed reading, if you like the suggestion, give a like on this post :)
    At last a picture from the DR-Dosto in Rostock Holbeinplatz:
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    DR-Dostos would be awesome :love:
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    I would prefer Schwerin-Rostock for proper IC travel. Hamburg-Schwerin would be a fitting connection route. Hamburg-Rostock would likely be too long (>3h travel time for RE 1).
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    The BR 120 with IC coaches and then even with the cab car. What a dream
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