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    Dovetail, can we have the routes traced on a map on your website's about routes page?

    or at least get an embedded link to click on such as...

    "We have so and so cool route in our game. *Click here to see its location* " (upcoming Boston-Providence)

    I know there is a "wiki" out there on the internets with more information, but there doesn't seem to be a link even to that website??

    If I was a potential new customer looking through your website, it doesn't tell me much.

    I don't want to have to "go do my own research" about what and where these routes are. Ok, Boston - Providence was easy to find, and it's relatively straight. However, I shouldn't have to go elsewhere for that information. Yes I realise some of the routes are way in the past, but they still had a location. A visual tracing on an actual map is really needed for all the routes.

    Edit: Even better, if you could also find a way to make all the tracings on one unified map.

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