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    The S3 from Holzkirchen to Mammendorf has never been finished in TS, but I think that the S3 and also parts of the S7 could get another chance in TSW 2.
    The TSW 2 route would maybe start at Hirschgarten (for the S3) and at Heimeranplatz (for the S7). The dream would of course be to go to Pasing but that just isn't an option without heavy optimisation because of all the junctions. I think Hirschgarten is a fine compromise, also the signaling for the mainline would be diabled and always red like with the Bakerloo line which I belive then uses less resources.
    The length of the S-Bahn route would then come to 48km (rounded up a fair bit) + some yard action at Ostbahnhof (would basically almost go up to Hirschgarten) so let's just say 49km. I think this is still somewhat plausible because all the comlictaed signaling is concentrated in the city and it all dies down from there.

    This route would also - despite of the name - not only include S-Bahn but also freight! Starting at Ostbahnhof freight could run down the entire rest-length of the S3 route and stop at a siding at Holzkirchen. Even if it's just 2 services in the timetable.

    The S-Bahn services would utilise the already existing HMA DB BR423, aswell as maybe the ET420.
    The S7 would start at Heimeranplatz and the S3 at Hirschgarten and both would join at Donnersbergerbrücke and share the same track afterwards through the underground Munich Stammstrecke. Down there it's a real chalange to stay on time and stop well. Also TSW will now propably be able to simulate 2 floor stations (1 track per floor) like Marienplatz (Gleis 1: first floor; Gleis 2: second floor) and not like in TS when it pretended to be a 1 Floor spanish station. After the tunnel you arrive at Ostbahnhof where you need to switch to the other cab to continue your journey. You come out of the tunnel and then pass under the same track you'll use to get to Giesing:
    A little tangent: After you come out of the tunnel and when driving on the overpass you go through a Schutzstrecke where you can't stop or else you'll get some big sparky bois. You can actually see the blue sign (overpass) and the tall angled sign (first sign after the tunnel) on the picture above. Maybe this could be modeled in TSW?

    After a short left-handed (pretty rare in germany) drive via the refurbished St.-Martins-Straße you arrive at Giesing.
    Here the S3 and S7 split up. The S7 goes on a short single track section and some level crossings via Perlach and in TSW could end at Neuperlach Süd (the only station where U-Bahn & S-Bahn share a platform in Munich) and the S3 continues via Fasangarten (here we return to the right side) and Deisenhofen (some trains already terminate here) untill Holzkirchen. Here's a screengrab from Google Maps of the overpass at Fansangarten:

    Then the rapid transit section is over and we get some longer and more chill drives between stations through a few fields and finally end up in Holzkirchen:

    I think this route provides a great variety and still fully plausible and thus would make a fine addition to TSW 2's route cataloge. What do you think, is this a worthwhile addition?
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