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Route Proposal: Rhine Valley Lines: Koblenz To Bingen And Rüdesheim

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by eurocityboy, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. eurocityboy

    eurocityboy Active Member

    Nov 12, 2018
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    This route encompasses three distinct railway lines:

    Route Map (OpenStreetMap)

    1. The Left Bank Rhine Valley Line from Koblenz Hbf to Bingen Stadt station.

    Comprising 61.2 km of electrified main line, the left bank line traverses the most scenic section of the Rhine valley in Germany. It carries Intercity and danse regional passenger traffic, and is used for freight when the right bank line operates at capacity.

    Loreley and Katz Castle near St. Goarshausen (Wikipedia, both mainlines are visible).


    View from Maria Ruh near Urbar (Wikipedia, both mainlines are visible).


    Barge traffic near Bingen (Wikipedia, both mainlines visible).

    2. The Right Bank Rhine Valley Line from Koblenz Hbf to Rüdesheim Bf

    Comprising 62 km of electrified main line, the right bank line would share scenery with the left bank line. The two lines are no more than a few hundred meters apart, and traffic on the other side of the river can be observed at almost all times. The right bank line is a major freight corridor with dense traffic and forms part of the Rotterrdam-Genova transcontinental freight link. There is also regular regional passenger service.

    3. The Boppard-Emmelshausen branch line

    Comprising 14.6 km of single-track non-electrified branch line, this is the steepest adhesion railway in Germany, with grades up to 1:16,4 (6.9 %). It is served by regional passenger services, formerly of DB Regio.


    The Emmelshausen branch line (Wikipedia)


    DB BR 101 with Intercity Stock (Alternatively, BR 120)
    DB BR 218 and “Silberlinge” stock for left bank regional service and the Emmelshausen branch line
    DB BR 146.2 and Dosto stock for regional service (left and right banks)
    DB BR 185.2 for freight service (left and right banks)

    Special Feature: Ferry Service

    The St. Goarshausen – St. Goar and other ferries along the route should be usable by the player. For example, is the player relinquishes a service at St. Goar on the left bank, she should be able to walk to the ferry terminal, board the ferry and cross the Rhine (the corssing generally doesn’t take more than a few minutes), disembark at St. Goarshausen on the right bank and take charge of a new service at St. Goarshausen station. Similarly, the Niederheimbach – Lorch and Bingen-Rüdesheim ferries should also be useable. Ferries should operate according to their own timetables. Ferries would always be AI-driven (not player-driveable as TSW is a train simulator, not a riverboat simulator).

    Why should DTG build this route for TSW?

    - Two distinct driveable railway lines (plus one branchline) with common (distant) scenery
    - Dense Intercity, commuter and freight traffic
    - Stunning scenery throughout
    - New gameplay and scenic interest (ferries, observing the other shore, observing cargo barges and leisure cruises on the Rhine, etc. )
    - As an internationally renowned scenic route, commercial success is almost assured
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  2. Creefab

    Creefab Member

    Apr 12, 2019
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    This is an brilliant idea.
    I absolutely agree, that this route is stunning. Koblenz is a beautyfull city and the rhine valley a magestic place.
    I've bin there many times and everywhere is rail traffic.
    With a pretty short waiting time for trains due to high density traffic.
    The choice of trains is correct with a huge variety of rolling stock. From ICE, tiny regional trains and massive freight trains, everything is driving up and down the rhine valley.
    But the worst thing to happen to this route if it gets playable in TSW is to make it dead. I mean by that, that there is low density traffic like it's currently on the Rapid Transit Route... There have to be a lot of AI-trains especially at Koblenz Main Station. Even let many AI-Trains going down tracks, that lead out of the map...so that the world feels lived in. This route would be absolutely destroyed if it would be like the Hagen Hbf on Ruhr-Sieg-Nord with what if feels like one train an hour.
    Also the idea with the ferry is awesome ;)
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  3. www.coreym1018

    www.coreym1018 New Member

    Feb 1, 2019
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    I agree this route should come to tsw for xbox too
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