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Route Proposal: Seligman Sub (atsf Or Bnsf)

Discussion in 'Route Suggestions & Proposals' started by jedi247, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. jedi247

    jedi247 Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2018
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    The Seligman Sub in northern Arizona would look amazing in TS2018. The route needs to be set either between 1970 and the mid 1990s or between the mid 1990s and the present day. Maybe there could be DLC to recreate the route in both time periods. We also need the Amtrak Southwest Chief and maybe the ATSF Super Chief. The route is double-tracked and runs between Needles, California and Winslow, Arizona along the famous Route 66. We definitely need more ATSF or BNSF locomotives and rolling stock.

    Possible Engines (1970-1995/96):
    -ATSF SD40 or SD40-2 (Blue/Yellow)
    -ATSF SD45 (Blue/Yellow)
    -ATSF SD45-2 (Blue/Yellow or Bicentennial)
    -ATSF GP20 (Blue/Yellow)
    -ATSF SD75M
    -ATSF GP39-2 (Blue/Yellow)
    -ATSF GP40X (Blue/Yellow)
    -Amtrak F40PH (Phase III)
    -ATSF F45 (Blue/Yellow)
    -ATSF FP45 (Warbonnet)
    -ATSF GP60M/B (Warbonnet)
    -ATSF GP60 (Blue/Yellow)
    -ATSF U30C (Blue/Yellow)
    -ATSF U28CG (Blue/Yellow)
    -ATSF B23-7 (Blue/Yellow)
    -ATSF C30-7 (Blue/Yellow)
    -ATSF B40-8W (Warbonnet)

    Possible engines (mid 1990s-present):
    -BNSF SD40-2 (H1 or Swoosh)
    -BNSF SD70MAC (H2)
    -BNSF SD60MAC (H2)
    -BNSF SD75M/I (Warbonnet)
    -BNSF GP60M/B (Warbonnet, H2, or Swoosh)
    -BNSF SD70ACe (Swoosh)
    -BNSF ES44AC/ES44DC/ES44C4 (Swoosh)
    -BNSF ET44C4 (Swoosh)
    -BNSF C44-9W (Warbonnet or H2)
    -BNSF B40-8W (Warbonnet)
    -BNSF GP38-2 or GP39-2 (H1, BN Green Patch, ATSF Blue/Yellow Patch, or Swoosh)
    -BNSF GP60 (ATSF Blue/Yellow Patch)
    -Amtrak GE P42DC Genesis (Phase V)

    Possible Rolling Stock:
    -ATSF Super Chief consist
    -Amtrak Southwest Chief Superliner consist (Phase III or Phase IV)
    -Miscellaneous ATSF and/or BNSF freight cars
    -ATSF Caboose
    -Intermodal cars (TFOC and Stack cars)
    -Other freight cars
    -Auto racks
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  2. John Murphy

    John Murphy Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2018
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    I just think they need any American freight route that lets you drive fast freight trains. I'm sick and tired of every American freight route being some mountain pass with top speed limits of only 20 or 30 mph. The scenery is pretty on those routes, but it just gets monotonous after a while, or you spend most of the time just going through forests or something and it takes forever to get to where the really good scenery is.
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