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    I would love to see a route that encompasses Salisbury Station in TSW.

    The route through there is London Waterloo to Exeter via Basingstoke and Salisbury.

    It would be nice to see a (practical for the game) part of that route.
    Possibly with services both way out of Salisbury.

    To make it interesting, I propose the route should be set post 1993 when Salisbury Traincare Depot was opened to house NSE 159s. - It has a separate shed for fuelling/waste disposal and a train wash to give extra driver duties as other routes have in game.
    It could either be set in 93, with the new NSE 159, NSE Class 47s and NSE class 50s all operating, or be set in more modern years where SWR or SWT operate 158s, 159/0s and 159/1s, even possibly the brief period that SWT operated 170s.

    Freight would be able to run on this route with the class 66 if modern, or classic locos if in the 90s. As there are multiple freight services pathed through Salisbury every day.

    As an addition, if modern, the GWR class 166s also operate stopping services through there from Cardiff to Portsmouth via Southampton.

    It is a very popular route, and the class 158s and 159s are very popular classic British DMUs which still prove great workhorses.

    I feel TSW could do with at least a 158 in it somewhere in the UK, and I think this would be the ideal route to use.

    There are numerous disused stations along the route West from Salisbury which would make interesting things to drive past in game, as would some of the former sidings and MOD tracks.

    Railtour services are another feature that would be well liked, as it is a non electrified line that was once full of classic British Locos.

    I'm not too hot on how development works, but obviously we have class 66s, 166s, 47s, 33s and 31s in game already that could be used, so the 158/159 would be an entirely new DMU for TSW.
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